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5 Ways to Make Your Outfit Shine

Two women in leather jackets

With warmer weather approaching, it’s time to update your wardrobe and put your best foot forward. There are a few simple steps to making your outfit shine. The perfect jacket and vest can set up an outfit. The right colors, shoes, and makeup can make your look complete.

New Jacket New You

The easiest way to make your look perfected is by wearing jackets and vests that flaunt what your mama gave you. You’re a superstar, and your outerwear should channel all of your personality and showcase your perfection to the world.

The perfect jacket depends on your body type. If you have a petite body shape, a cropped jacket that shows off and lengthens your legs will perfect your outfit. A plus-sized outfit would look complete topped off with a knee-length coat that draws attention towards your beautiful face.

Show Your Colors

Picking the best colors while coordinating your look may seem tedious, but it does make the outfit shine. Monochromatic outfits are great for making statements, and showcasing your vibrance and positivity. Complimentary colors can draw attention to specific assets that you want to accentuate, whether it be your body or your purse.

Color can express so many things. The color of your jackets and vests can emphasize the brilliance of your hair. The color of your shoes can accentuate the fit of your jeans. Even the color of your jewelry can make your outfit shine bright like a diamond.

Wake up and Makeup

Makeup is rooted in history as a handy tool for women to cover imperfections and look presentable. However, these days makeup is so much more than that. Your face is a canvas, and that means you can decorate it any way you desire.

A simple cat-eye wing can give small and round eyes a more oval shape. A bright red lip can accentuate big blue eyes. Soft purple eyeshadow can illuminate and give depth to brown eyes, and pink eye shadow will make green eyes shine brightly.

Choose Your Shoes

A great pair of shoes can allow you to stand out every time you walk into a room. Perfect shoes paired with the ideal top are guaranteed to make your outfit shine.

High heels and baggy sweatpants only really work in the Instagram world. Tennis shoes are the perfect complimentary accessory for work out clothes and loungewear. A kitten heel is a playful addition to a knee-length skirt.

Confidence Is Key

Regardless of the clothes or accessories you choose, your confidence is your biggest asset. You’re a magnificent human being, and you deserve the opportunity to own any room you enter.

So hold your head high, square your shoulders, and pretend like everywhere you walk is a catwalk. Whether you’re two or six feet tall, allowing your confidence to take over will make you feel like you’re a million bucks.

Shine On

So you see, it’s easy to complete your style with simple choices that make you look amazing. The colors of your shoes and accessories can pull an outfit together in no time at all. Confidence and makeup that accentuates your favorite features will make your outfit. Lastly, the perfect jacket for your body type will make your look shine!


Ebone Bell
Eboné Bell
Eboné is the Editor-in-Chief of Tagg Magazine. She is the illegitimate child of Oprah and it's only right that she continues their legacy in the media world.