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Even though Pride Month has come to a close, there are still tons of celebrations and LGBTQ+ businesses, publications, and individuals you can support. If you’re looking for a way to connect with queer voices, stories, and successes, this blog’s for you. In this post we’re talking about the 6 queer podcasts that deserve your attention (including your own).

1. The Heart

The Heart podcast is produced by a team of talented writers and artists who focus on the complexities of humans and intimacy. The program covers a variety of perspectives and relationships from first loves and lays, to personal accounts about the queer experience. Each season of the program hones in on a different theme: “bodies”, “diaries”, “no”, and “the beginning”, just to name a few.

The Heart is deeply personal and incredibly relatable, no matter where you reside on the sex and gender spectrum. But the most valuable thing about this podcast is the fearlessness each contributor inhabits as they share their stories about connection, experimentation, and love.

Where you can listen

You can listen to The Heart on their website or on Soundcloud.


2. Making Gay History

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the pioneers of the pride movement or the people who’ve fought for LGBTQ+ rights in the shadows, Making Gay History is your avenue. From intense personal accounts of the Stonewall riots, to coming out stories and successes, this podcast presents important moments in history that you’ve likely never even heard before.

Making Gay History is hosted by Eric Marcus, who’s authored a dozen books including the New York Times bestselling autobiography of Olympic diver Gred Louganis, Breaking the Surface.

Where you can listen

Listen to Making Gay History on their website, subscribe through iTunes, or use a podcasting app such as:

  • NPR One
  • Overcast
  • Stitcher
  • Spotify


3. How to be a Girl

How to be a Girl is produced by anonymous single mom “Marlo Mack” with the help of her six-year-old trandgender daughter. The podcast dives into the unique challenges and wins the pair faces throughout the transition. How to be a Girl was a Peabody finalist in 2017 and has been awarded many accolades from various podcasting competitions.

Throughout the series, Mack discusses the moment her child knew they were a girl and how their lives have changed since. Mack does an incredible job describing her experience with such vulnerability and grace, while also questioning the societal standards that inspired her to create this podcast in the first place.

Where you can listen

You can listen to Marlo Mack’s How to be a Girl directly on their website.


4. David’s Out for a Good Time

Creator of The Shitney Spears pop culture site, David Olshanetsky and co-host Naledi launched their Spotify original podcast back in September 2018 and it’s been the talk of the queer community since. The two discuss queer, POC, and intersectional issues, coming out stories, pop culture gossip, and just about everything else under the sun. Plus, celebrity guests such as Adam Lambert and Charli XCX make appearances on the show, too.

Where you can listen

Sold? You can listen to David’s Out for a Good Time on Spotify.


5. Tagg Nation

Three years ago Tagg Magazine launched a podcast called Tagg Nation.

Tagg Nation is a weekly podcast show for everyone lesbian, queer, and under the rainbow. It’s a podcast show that keeps you in the loop with lesbian and queer news. The show includes three dynamic queer women who discuss LGBTQ culture, entertainment, news, and history. They discuss popular stories and articles, as well as hot topics, queer history, and more! Tagg Nation, produced under Tagg Communication LLC, is the brainchild of Tagg Magazine, a publication for the queer women’s community.

And, rumor has it they have some new and exciting things launching soon. Make sure you’re a part of it.

Where you can listen

Listen to Tagg Nation on their website, subscribe through iTunes, or use a podcasting app such as:

  • Sticher
  • Google Play
  • Spotify


6. YOUR story

There’s one thing missing here—it’s your story, your experience. In order to amplify queer voices and create space for vulnerability and acceptance, it’s imperative to make sure our voices are heard. If you’ve ever thought about sharing your story with the world of even just a few close friends, here’s what you need to create your own podcast.

A story angle

Whether you discuss your own experience or want to research the stories of others, you need to identify a creative angle and format to present your podcast.


A podcasting microphone is probably the most important piece of equipment you can invest in as a podcaster. Having a quality mic can be the difference from a clear, well-produced program and one of those static programs that sound like they were made on an airport runway. There are a variety of levels you can choose from—entry level to professional.


Computer headphones are also a must-have in podcast production. A good pair of headphones not only allows you to hear yourself and guests while you’re recording, but they can also be hugely important as you make edits in post-production.

Audio editing equipment

Mishaps happen on the air, there’s no way around it—but there is a way to fix it: audio editing. An audio workstation enables you to record and edit audio to add in music, promotions, and even fix misspoken word.









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