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December 1, 2015
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Woman coming out of holiday gift box

Photo by Denis Largeron


Model: Winifred Quinn, Photo by Denis Largeron

Model: Winifred Quinn, Photo by Denis Largeron

Some of us on the Tagg team (and in our community) prefer to carry messenger bags instead of the traditional purse. And, some people like to switch it up depending on the day.

Recently opened in May 2015, gay-owned store Avenue Jack hosts a wall of Timbuk2 “Sunset” messenger bags. The retail store is conveniently located one block from Dupont Metro in Washington, D.C.

Their messenger bags have premium trims and liner fabric with a soft surface finish. The snap and magnetic closures make it easy to secure and store your things. For the MacBook Pro owners, the bag has a slip pocket so you can bring your work with you.

“We love Timbuk2 because they are handmade in San Francisco and come with a lifetime warranty. We love their quality, durability, style, and creativity,” says Avenue Jack co-founder Scott Wallis.

Looking for a deal? Make sure you head over to Avenue Jack during November 28 – December 2 to receive 20% off of all bags.

Whether for professional or casual use, it’s definitely worth taking a trip to this local retail store this gift-giving season.

Price: $99
Website: AvenueJack.com



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Eboné Bell
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