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December 1, 2015
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Photo by Denis Largeron


Woman modeling ED by Ellen

Have you heard? On June 30, Ellen Degeneres started her own clothing line and it’s pretty cool!

ED, which got its name from wife Portia de Rossi’s nickname for Degeneres, includes clothes, accessories, and home décor items for the women’s community.

You’ll absolutely see DeGeneres’ style captured in many of the pieces like her casual graphic tees and tailored woven shirts and suits. What we love about this clothing line is the fact that many queer people could easily find something no matter how you identify. The androgynous feel of the brand is something we can stand behind.

According to their website, “The ED brand encourages consumers to embrace and express their own sense of style and individuality through all parts of their life.”

Price: $25 – $395
Website: EdbyEllen.com



Ebone Bell
Eboné Bell
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Ares Glenn
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