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7 Tips For Holiday Decorating

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Don’t wait till the last minute to brighten up your home


1. Plan Ahead

Decorate early and pick a date to put up decorations and to take them down. Figure out what look you are going for when decorating your home and keep it simple (and safe for pets and children). Maybe you’re into vintage, traditional, or shabby chic. If you have a favorite signature color, use it in your holiday decorating choices.


2. School Yourself

Go on Pinterest, check out magazines, or go on the Internet to see what looks work for you. Make a list of what you need before you head out to make any new purchases and save your receipts in case you overbuy. Buy now and buy early: items are already out there. Wander around IKEA, Macy’s, or Target and see what’s out there to help you get your plan together.


3. Purge

Dig out all your holiday items and have a look. Get rid of old decorations or lights that don’t work. Donate items that work, but no longer work for you.


4. Use Your Friends

Decorating with friends and family can be lots of fun. Round up your creative friends and serve pizza and drinks. Make it a DIY night. If it works well, make it an annual tradition.


5. Shop Local

Support local independent shops, farmers, and crafters. This is their biggest season, so help spread the joy. Check listings and Facebook for local holiday markets and events where handmade items are sold.


6. Keep It Simple

If you are going to be out partying or traveling for the holidays, don’t feel bad about not decorating. Get a tinsel or ceramic tree and throw up a strand of lights and call it a day.


7. Share

Throw a simple party, like a cookie party or round robin gift exchange. If you do a big party, ask guests to bring a bottle or a dish for the evening. Give everyone the chance to show off their favorite culinary creations, while showing off your holiday décor.






Pixie Windsor
Pixie Windsor
Pixie Windsor is the owner of Miss Pixies Furnishings & Whatnot on 14th Street in Washington, D.C.