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February 3, 2014
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Project Runway's Alicia Hardesty Stuck in Custody Battle

Hardesty and her fiancé fight for custody of kids

Alicia Hardesty and Ashley

Alicia Hardesty (left) with fiancé, Ashley

This week, Project Runway’s Alicia Hardesty put out a “S.O.S. for kids & equality”. Hardesty and her new fiancé, Ashley have found themselves in a custody battle for Ashley’s two boys (Joshua, 7 and Nicholas, 8).

Ashley’s ex-husband has been grounded on the island of Oahu due to military orders, and has become adamant about keeping the boys with him. Due to Hawaii not having a Safe Child Act, he has been able to have full control of the boys, giving Ashley limited communication with her sons.

“Ever since Ashley and I met, her ex has been threatening to take her two kids from her if she continued to be in a relationship with me,” says Hardesty. “[The kids] are grounded in Hawaii, she has been fairly helpless due to outrageous court costs and distance, and I’ve stayed quiet for as long as I can stand it, so that she could hopefully get the boys. He still holds resentment and anger towards our situation and I’m taking a stand on her behalf to reunite her with her two young boys.”

Ashley’s ex-husband has confirmed Hardesty’s feelings and thoughts on the situation in the letters he writes to her. Below are excerpts from his most recent letter:

Hardesty has set up a funding page asking the community for help. All money donated will go to legal fees for an attorney specializing in the LGBT family issues. Any additional money raised will go towards the boys travel back home.

To donate to their cause and get the full story, visit their gofundme page at