September 19, 2022
alicia hardesty

Catching Up with Alicia Hardesty: Tagg‘s Original Cover Girl

It’s been 10 years since fashion designer Alicia Hardesty stole […]
February 4, 2014

Project Runway's Alicia Hardesty Stuck in Custody Battle

This week, Project Runway's Alicia Hardesty put out a "S.O.S. for kids & equality". Hardesty and her new fiancé, Ashley have found themselves in a custody battle for Ashley's two boys (Joshua, 7 and Nicholas, 8).
September 2, 2012
Alicia Hardesty in LA

Project Runway’s Original Tomboy

Interview by Eboné Bell
You know the story. A small town girl makes it in the big city. Alicia Hardesty is currently living this dream story in the name of fashion. Growing up in Brandenburg, Kentucky, her love for designing clothes started when she plastered her walls with pictures from Vogue Magazine.