Two women stand together, touching foreheads for an intimate moment.
The Autistic Dating Manual: Part 1
June 11, 2024
Any Given Sunday – Part 4
June 16, 2024
A woman in a short white t-shirt and grey panties is bent forward.

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I’m bent over the front seat, held down by my neck, with my toes digging into the sand. I can hear a belt being unbuckled and the swish of clothing gathering. A boot shoving my legs further apart so my cunt is on full display. I can feel the wetness beginning to run down my legs and their breathing has become heavier.

I think they are beginning to jack themselves off against their cock. A whir of a vibrator and I smile because I know what they are using.

A hand comes across my ass unexpectedly and I arch back into it to feel it ripple up my cunt.

“More,” I moan.

“What did you just say,” they gasped, “you want more you little fucker?”

Again a deep thump and the delicious sting. I can’t help myself, I begin to reach between my legs.

“Absolutely not,” punctuated by another slap, the pain deepening deliciously. Again and again and again. Never speeding up, never frantic. Just a steady rhythm, taking their time.

The combination of their fat cock entering me and their hips meeting my beaten ass feels euphoric. They don’t move and instead force me to back into them. Until one, slow, pull back and a deep, hard return of their hips. And then patience. Feeling their cock slowly exiting me and the wonderful seconds of waiting, trying to anticipate. They’ve wrapped grasping hands around my hips to force themselves deeper.

They begin to grind slowly, hips staying tight to me. This time when I reach around to grab that perfect ass, they don’t stop me. Their teeth are in my shoulder and I can feel the jolt of the vibrator when their cock fills my cunt. I think, this is it, they are going to let us both cum.


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Sharkey is a queer, gender non-binary, DMV native with a ubiquitous cat and too many books.