A woman in a short white t-shirt and grey panties is bent forward.
Any Given Sunday – Part 3
June 16, 2024
Any Given Sunday – Part 5
June 16, 2024

🍑💦 This story is part of Tagg After Dark, an erotica collection exclusively for readers 18+.🍑💦


They are wicked. I am a mess as they pull out, turn me around and put one of those thick thighs between my legs. They almost slip with the wetness of me.

I’m shaking with need and my involuntary growl of frustration causes them to falter and lock eyes with me again. Watching for a no, I tentatively begin to lift their shirt and trace my fingers along their stomach. I feel their skin react under my fingertips as I softly follow the curve of their hip, dragging up their low back to feel them jerk into me.

Hands across the planes of their chest, rounding their shoulders and I reach up on my toes to taste their neck. Loving the feel of the moan in their throat. Meeting their lips again, our mouths wide, tongues slipping across each other. Using my hold on their hips to slowly turn them and guide them to lay down in the cab.

I want their mouth on me so I wedge myself into the cab to hover my cunt over their face. They are begging for it, arching up to tongue me as I slowly sink down and begin to ride their face.


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Sharkey is a queer, gender non-binary, DMV native with a ubiquitous cat and too many books.