Any Given Sunday – Part 4
June 16, 2024
June Is The Best Month: Reflections on Capital Pride 2024
June 16, 2024

🍑💦 This story is part of Tagg After Dark, an erotica collection exclusively for readers 18+.🍑💦


I let my slow trajectory towards their pussy act as a warning for my intentions. When they realize what is happening I am rewarded with an emphatic shaking of their head and a sucking of my clit.

“Hah,” I gasp and curl harder towards them, yanking on their hair. They let up for a moment and we stare at each other. Their mouth is glistening and they are smirking at me, so they aren’t ready when I slip two fingers through their lips on either side of their clit. I love watching their eyes tip back and then refocus on mine.

I sit down harder this time, unrelenting as I grind into their face until I hear them gasping. They are bucking under me, trying to find my fingers as I trace slow circles just outside their cunt.

“Come for me,” I demand as I slip two fingers inside them and curl up. A deep groaning, body convulsing orgasm, as their tongue suddenly enters me and I come apart. Knees locked around their head, back fully arched, face in a silent “o,” until I collapse sideways.

It’s just the sound of our gasps filling the cab as I gently swipe the evidence of my orgasm off their lips. They languidly rub my thigh, a casual thumb over my sensitive clit while I gently trace the scars on their chest. They reach up a hand to hold mine there. I curl my fingers in their hair and pull them into me for a moment. The feel of their breath is warm and steady on my neck.

Clothes come back on and we gently hold hands as we return to the road. I slide over to get behind the wheel as they exit the cab, and watch them turn their truck around in the rearview mirror. One of those beautiful hands dangles out the window and waves goodbye as I turn for home.


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Sharkey is a queer, gender non-binary, DMV native with a ubiquitous cat and too many books.