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🍑💦 This story is part of Tagg After Dark, an erotica collection exclusively for readers 18+. 🍑💦


From the outside, Florence seemed to have a very normal family for someone in London’s high society. Her father, Mr. Whinington, could often be found writing in his study, while her mother worked on her cross-stitch in the sitting room. Meanwhile, Florence would sit gracefully playing the pianoforte. 

But things aren’t always as they seem. 

Florence actually loathed playing the pianoforte and would much rather drink tea and gossip with her friends. “Mama, may I please be excused? I’ve played this song ten times now!” Florence whined. 

“Florence, what proper gentleman is going to propose if you haven’t mastered even one instrument? Your papa spent a fortune on this pianoforte, and you will be prepared for your lesson tomorrow,” her mother bit back. There was an air of irritation in her voice that Florence had come to loathe. She continued practicing, occasionally hitting the wrong keys so her mama could be as irritated as she was. 

Lately, things had become very difficult for Florence indeed. While her friends talked endlessly about their future romances and grand estates, Florence felt nothing. She never really cared about having a husband. To make matters worse, she’d recently met Kendra. 

Kendra was the most beautiful girl Florence had ever seen—gorgeous dark curls, warm skin, and brown eyes flecked with gold. The first time Florence saw her, Kendra was laughing, her smile lighting up the whole room. Conveniently, Kendra had been talking to her friend, Daisy, so Florence made her way over. 

“Hello, Daisy,” said Florence coolly. 

“Flo! Lovely to see you! Oh, this is my cousin Kendra! She’ll be joining us this season; her mama wants her to be on the market here in London,” Daisy divulged.

Florence could barely make out what Daisy had said. She began to curtsy towards Kendra, and as she did, their eyes met. The whole world seemed to melt away, just for a moment. Florence felt her cheeks flush. “Nice to meet you,” Kendra fluttered her long eyelashes and smiled. 

Florence noticed Kendra quickly glance down at her bosom, delicately pressed against her coral gown. “Lovely to meet you as well,” Florence managed. 

That evening, Florence couldn’t sleep. She lay in bed in a pool of her own sweat, tossing and turning. She could think of nothing but Kendra. She began to move her hands over her body, her fingers gently caressing her neck and making their way down to her soft, warm skin. Her eyes closed, imagining Kendra’s soft flesh, batting lashes, full plump lips, and the flush on her cheeks. 

As Florence started to touch herself, she envisioned the curve of Kendra’s waist, her supple breasts, and her hardening nipples. Florence pictured herself licking and sucking them, exploring them with her tongue. As she felt herself become wet, she continued to rub her clit, biting her lip to hold back a moan. She had never felt so good in her entire life, her body succumbing to her deepest desires. As she relaxed into sleep, she knew exactly where her dreams would take her.




Author and Reiki Master Catie Shampine for Tagg Magazine.
Catie is a writer, model, and Reiki Master! She loves all things pop culture and is always either watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or dancing to Chappell Roan. She can be found on Instagram and TikTok @shampinesupernova.