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As their carriage arrived at the ball, Mr. Whinington helped Florence down. She looked ravishing in her green silk gown. The grand estate was decorated with extravagant gold, and people were already mingling and dancing. 

Right away, Florence noticed Kendra. She was in a lavender gown, dancing with a suitor, smiling brightly. Florence felt her stomach drop. What a fool she had been. Of course, Kendra wanted a husband . . . the real question was, why didn’t Florence? Before anyone noticed, she fled from the ballroom.

She saw an empty room and stepped inside, sighing with relief as she felt a tear run down her face. Why did she feel so envious of the Duke dancing with Kendra? Why, even now, did she find herself thinking about all the beautiful girls and their bodies? Their soft curves and supple skin. Their red, kissable lips, and the warmth of their-

Suddenly, the door burst open. Kendra appeared and closed the door quickly. Without noticing Florence, she sighed deeply and closed her eyes. 

Florence immediately noticed the way Kendra’s breasts nearly fell out of her dress when she sighed. Kendra opened her eyes and quickly gathered herself.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s come over me,” Kendra said apologetically.

“It’s quite alright. You’re Kendra, yes?” Florence asked, acting as if Kendra wasn’t the only thing she’d been able to think about for the last several days.

 Kendra smiled back,“Yes, and you’re Florence?”

“I am. Lovely to see you again,”Florence moved closer to Kendra. “Are you alright?” 

“Actually, I’m not.” Kendra confessed,”I know I probably sound absurd to you, but I hate this. I hate being here and pretending to want a husband and being forced to gossip with these girls. I miss my home and my books. I’m just… tired.”

Florence felt, for the first time, like someone had read her own mind. She started to laugh.

“What could possibly be funny?” Kendra said with an attitude.

“I do apologize for laughing, it’s just… you’ve said exactly everything that I feel. “ Florence continued to laugh as she looked into Kendra’s big brown eyes, “Although I do enjoy a bit of gossip.”

Kendra started laughing too.

“It’s so funny because I was incredibly nervous to come here tonight. So worried that when I saw you again, you wouldn’t understand me, that perhaps I had gone mad.” Florence felt her cheeks flush. 

“No, you’re not mad,” Kendra purred.

She stepped towards Florence. Florence felt her heart rate quicken. They looked at each other. Kendra glanced down at Florence’s lips, and for a moment it seemed as if they might kiss.

They quickly caught themselves, laughed sheepishly, and made their way back to the ballroom. They laughed and talked all evening. For Florence, it felt like no one else was there.

As they exited the ballroom at the end of the night, Kendra quickly slipped a note into Florence’s hand. She tucked it in her bosom and opened it once she got home.

“Meet me by the river at the luncheon tomorrow.”

Florence bit her lip. She felt herself getting wet. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.


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Author and Reiki Master Catie Shampine for Tagg Magazine.
Catie is a writer, model, and Reiki Master! She loves all things pop culture and is always either watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or dancing to Chappell Roan. She can be found on Instagram and TikTok @shampinesupernova.