November 13, 2013

Women Working for You

Out at work and on top of their game

By Karen Houston
Being out at work can be a big boost for your professional success. Meet four women who can tell you how it works for them.
September 24, 2013
Vixen Obsura by Ivana Ford

Veritable Vixens: A “Manifestation of Lust”

By Karen Houston
I made coffee on a lovely Sunday morning, sat myself down to look at this book of erotic photography, and write this article. Going back over my notes about the book, I saw that I so articulately wrote, “ass-in-your-face” which is indeed accurate about a lot of the photos.
July 30, 2013

Inside the Music with Krissy Krissy

Interview by Karen Houston
Krissy Krissy, a 23-year-old out musician has a candid, open attitude about herself and her experiences that compliments and gives depth to her very personal songs.
July 16, 2013
San Francisco Pride

A Particularly Happy Pride

My experience as a D.C. resident attending San Francisco Pride

By Karen Houston
Just two days following the Supreme Court’s historic decisions regarding DOMA and Proposition 8, I flew across the country to experience our nation’s largest Pride celebration.