January 16, 2014
Cheryl Clarke

Living as a Lesbian

This year Sinister Wisdom and A Midsummer’s Night Press will publish the second book in the Sapphic Classic series.The goal is to reprint iconic lesbian poetry to showcase the beauty of the past and bring it to a more contemporary audience.
January 14, 2014
MAL Dyke Invasion 2013

The Dyke Army Returns to Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend

“Left, left, left, right, left.” It’s time to join the Dyke Army, it’s time to lay siege to the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL).
October 24, 2013

SMYAL Hosts Annual Fall Brunch

Actress Ally Sheedy will receive a community advocate award at SMYAL's annual fall brunch to benefit LGBT youth in Washington, D.C.
September 5, 2013

Why We Should Care About Intersectionality

By Katrina C. Miles
Oftentimes, we disregard issues if we don’t believe that they directly impact us. Inner city schools have poor funding? Who cares, I went to private school. The unemployment rate keeps rising? Oh well, I’ve got a job.