December 14, 2014

GLOV Guardian Awards Honors Outstanding Community Leaders

On December 16, local non-profit organization GLOV (Gays and Lesbians […]
November 18, 2014
There Goes the Gayborhood, Tagg Magazine

Are Gayborhoods Disappearing? Yes…and No.

Sociologist Amin Ghaziani, an associate professor at the University of […]
October 23, 2014
lgbt health care, tagg magazine

Avoiding Doctors: Health Care in the LGBT Community

I have a confession to make. I went seven years […]
October 13, 2014
The U.S. Supreme Court building

LGBTQ History #8: First U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on LGBT Issues

There are a dozen lawsuits making their way through the courts at any one time now, but for a long time, the laws regarding homosexuality went unchallenged. Believe it or not, the very first case to make it to the Supreme Court regarding any LGBTQ issue was a question of free speech in 1958.