Michelle L.

April 21, 2014

Two Local Women Embody Pure Fitness

Want to get in shape for the summer? One word...bootcamp! Grace Thompson and Natalie Davis started Embody Pure Fitness a couple of years ago, and now offer explosive bootcamp classes. So, what are these classes all about?
March 31, 2014

Richard Bolger: LGBT Ally Running for Congress in Virginia

Gay marriage is currently not legal in the state of Virginia. Richard Bolger, who is a democratic candidate for congress for the 10th congressional district in Virginia, is hoping to change that. Richard believes that same-sex marriage is a constitutional issue where everyone should have equal rights.
January 21, 2014
ria 15 happy hour

Meet Me at 15 ria!

When she’s not teaching third grade or pursuing the guitar, Karen Jones is happily organizing one of the largest and best-known lesbian meetup groups in the D.C. Metro area.