March 12, 2014

Oh, Allies…

For a while now, I have tried to avoid award show commentary. This year’s Grammy Awards ceremony reminded me of why... I was distracted by a different self-proclaimed ally to the LGBT community.
February 28, 2014

Femme Problems 117: Unbeweavable or Naturaliscious?

I’m pretty sure heaven has a beauty supply filled with little giggling grrls and bois picking out beads and barrettes. While I definitely did my share of happily picking out adornments for my hair, I never grew to love the journey to getting them onto my head.
February 25, 2014

From Caposhi to Crunk: A Look at the Black Feminist Journey

I’m Black History Month, or as I like to call it, Black Herstory Month! As, I thumbed through my stack of commentary on the topic; I came across an article on people of color (POC) presence in feminist movements.
February 18, 2014

Femme Problems 116: Nail Shop Blues

My love affair with the getting my nails done is second only to my love affair with mini dresses and statement pumps. Growing up in the Midwest, my friends and I would go to the nail shop religiously.