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Butchbaby & Co. Prevails Where Maternity Wear Fails

Vanessa Newman and Michelle Janayea

Photo by S. Deneen Photography

For many lesbian couples, starting a family can be an exciting yet daunting adventure. From donors to medical costs to understanding state legal systems, same-sex couples have more than enough to worry about—clothing shouldn’t be one of them. When considering the intricacies of a relationship in which the more masculine of center woman seeks to carry a child, it doesn’t take a social scientist to see that mainstream maternity wear has failed.

Butchbaby & Co. Button Down ShirtFor this reason, it is now more exciting than ever that the first ever “alternity wear” for pregnant masculine, transgender, and queer individuals has arrived. What began as a college dream for two best friends and a “bromance” has blossomed into Butchbaby & Co., an up-and-coming business model that addresses the need for women and genderqueer individuals to maintain their sense of style while carrying a child.

“I’m hoping our clothes will offer them familiarity and comfort during a time where their bodies will be changing like they’ve never experienced before,” says founder and CEO of the brand, Vanessa Newman, who started the brand in hopes that individuals like herself will be able to enjoy the same benefits of maternity wear that her hetero-counterparts enjoy.

Her dream for the company was born out of a necessity for all childbearing parents-to-be to have a more comfortable alternative to the current maternity wear provided. The brand’s designs, headed by Michelle Janayea, are still in the customer research stage, but are sure to provide clothes that fit, feel, and look more like what individuals were wearing before their bodies began to change.

Butchbaby & Co. Pullover SweaterThe business is currently in its concept stages, but plans to begin sales late fall or early winter. “We’re hoping within our first year of sales, we can also do a pop-up shop tour and create an in-store experience in six or seven cities through the U.S,” Newman explains. “We’ve talked about expanding into suits, swimwear, and even gender neutral baby clothes,” she adds.

The progressive company concept seeks to provide visibility for genderqueer and gender non-conforming parents, proving that pregnancy is not a singular, identical experience for everyone.

“I hope we’re just providing enough visibility for queer and straight couples to be having those thoughts or conversations around what diversity in family will continue to look like, so it’s less surprising in situations where the more masculine partner wants to carry, as opposed to the more feminine presenting partner,” Newman explains.

Butchbaby & Co. is committed to creating a brand inclusive of all types of people, regardless of orientation, presentation, class, race, etc. and is working diligently to create quality products that are inclusive of all. For more information on how to obtain clothing, visit their website at