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How to Make a Career Out of Your Love of Fitness

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So many people are passionate about the fitness industry, that some are keen to make a professional career out of their hobby. In order to make your love of fitness a lifelong career, you need to have a great deal of motivation, as well as having a passion for improving the health and well-being of others. Some professions in the fitness industry will require specific course training, whereas others can be learned on the job.

If you have a passion for health and fitness and are looking for options on how you can get your foot on the career ladder, here are a few jobs that may take your fancy.

1. Personal trainer

Personal trainers are either hired by gyms or work self-employed in their own branch. They work as a mentor or coach on a one-to-one basis and manage an individual’s unique fitness program. In order to become a personal trainer, you should have the necessary knowledge, skills, and capabilities to develop safe and effective fitness regimes, which is where specific training is needed. Luckily, personal training courses can be worked alongside a full-time job, as many can now be studied online. Browse to find out how you can study an online personal trainer course from the comfort of your own home.

2. Group exercise teacher

Teaching group exercise in a gym or other fitness facility is another popular choice for making a career in the industry. Instructors usually have an extensive background in sports; however, they also usually have several fitness-related training courses under their belt too. Teaching exercise classes is often a varied role, and you may find yourself with demand for holding high-intensity classes such as Zumba, spinning, or more laid-back fitness classes such as yoga.

3. Athletic trainer

An athletic trainer works more on the health and wellbeing aspect of fitness, by diagnosing and treating individuals with bone or muscle complaints. Instead of working in a gym environment, these professionals are hired by educational institutions such as schools or colleges, but also often spend a lot of time with semi-professional or professional athletes. In most cases, athletic trainers will need to go to university to study the medical theoretical that is necessary for the job.

4. Physical therapist

Physical therapy is an extremely rewarding profession which involves working with individuals who have suffered injury or struggle with their day-to-day movements. Their main goal is to give techniques on how individuals can regain their movements and lead a better quality of life. Usually, physical therapists are based in hospitals, health centers or nursing homes. They often also encourage their clients to invest in a fitness tracker. A specialist course will need to be undertaken in order to start a career in this sector.

5. Sports massage therapist

A sports massage therapist is an individual who performs specific massages on athletes of any sport, as a way of treating muscles from sports-related injuries. Training in a massage therapy program is usually required, so you can learn about how sports-related injuries occur and how massages can improve physical movements.