June 13, 2013

Do Not Break Up With a Comedian

Interview with funny lady, Marga Gomez

Interview by Karen Houston GLAAD award-winning comedian, Marga Gomez began her stand-up career “B.E.”, as she likes to say, “Before Ellen." She already had me laughing over the phone during our interview with her quick and candid remarks about ex-girlfriends, her career, and why you want to be at her show celebrating the gayest month of the year.
June 8, 2013
Suzanne McArdle

WYSM: Suzanne McArdle

Name: Suzanne McArdle

City, State of Residence: Silver Spring, MD Age: 28
May 29, 2013
AJ Campbell Photo

Women You Should Meet: A.J. Campbell

NAME: A.J. Campbell CITY, STATE OF RESIDENCE: Takoma Park, MD AGE: 44
May 29, 2013

Women You Should Meet: Chinwe Enu

NAME: Chinwe Enu CITY, STATE OF RESIDENCE: Takoma Park, MD AGE: 33