March 6, 2013

Whitman-Walker Health: Offering Diverse Programs for a Diverse Community

By Katy Ray
Have you just recently re-entered the world of dating after a long-term committed relationship? Are you struggling with sexual or gender identity? No matter what chapter you've recently started in your life, Whitman-Walker Health has created a safe place for people in the LGBT community.
October 11, 2012
Mautner Project

CAMP-Mautner Cares

A Grass-Roots Approach to Health Care for the LGBT Citizens of Rehoboth

By Katy Ray
The Mautner Project and CAMP Rehoboth Cares have teamed up to fill a gap in the health services provided to LGBT members of the Rehoboth Beach, DE community. For over 22 years, Create A More Positive (CAMP) Rehoboth has fostered community, provided services, and planned activities for the LGBT citizens of Rehoboth. Now in conjunction with the Mautner Project, the national lesbian health organization, CAMP Rehoboth will be training volunteers through their latest collaborative effort: CAMP-Mautner Cares.
September 8, 2012
Healthy Queer Woman

Is Being a Queer Woman Good for Your Health?

By Leslie J. Calman When I became Director of Mautner Project: The National Lesbian Health Organization, I heard a fair number of smart smart aleck jokes about why lesbians need a health organization: Allergic reactions to flannel shirts? Heel inflammation from those Birkenstocks? (You get the picture.)
September 8, 2012
woman at doctor's appointment

Are You Sexually Active?

Coming Out: It Can Be Good for Your Health

By Jacquetta Brooks, MSW, LGSW  We’ve all been there; that awkward moment at the doctor’s office when the white lab coat asks, “Are you sexually active?” For some of us it’s a resounding “Yes.” For others, it’s a string of umms and uhs.