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Chocolate City Burlesque, Tagg Magazine

This Friday, Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret (CCBC) will be holding Summer SOULstice. The event will be CCBC’s second large scale event since their founding in 2014. Founder and Director, Chè Monique, admits that she likes to one-up herself with each new performance and promises that this show will be no exception.

“This is our first big show since we’ve officially decided that we want to keep doing this,” says Monique, “The first show was kind of a test for everybody. We are committed now. We’re practically ready to get tattoos. We are recognizing that we have already created a whole that is bigger than any of us.”

Summer SOULstice will include performances from CCBC favorites like Private Tails, Dainty Daindridge, Aurora Wells and Gypsy Dantés and will also feature special guest Chicava Honeychild. Honeychild is best known as the creative producer of New York’s Brown Girls Burlesque and is also a black burlesque historian.

“It’s a dream come true.” Monique said about the collaboration with Honeychild. “In the circles I personally travel in, not really burlesque nerd circles, but kind of more mainstream black circles, Chicava Honeychild is the only really known name of burlesque performers.”

The evening is hosted by Chè Monique and poet “Droopy the Broke” Drew Anderson. You can also look forward to music from DJ Jo’Iyce, as well as games and prizes, including a prize for the sexiest audience member and the infamous pudding cup game.

“The show is an experience. It’s a full event. We try to make it as interactive as possible. Come with an open mind and come ready to have a good time,” says Monique.

Summer SOULstice will be held on Friday, July 24 at 7:30 p.m. at the GALA Hispanic Theater in Columbia Heights. VIP tickets are also available and include champagne, a meet and greet, swag bags and priority seating. For more information, visit www.chocolatecityburlesque.com/summersoulstice.