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December 28, 2023
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Tagg's Top Articles of 2023

Throughout 2023, Tagg offered our readers content on breaking LGBTQ+ news, queer entertainment, sex and relationship insights, and amazing personal essays. Here’s a breakdown of the ten articles that garnered the most reads in 2023. Click on the articles’ titles to read the amazing pieces on the list.

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1.) 8 Shows with WLW Returning in 2023

Two members of the cast of Heartstopper

Cast of Heartstopper (Netflix)

We all love seeing relationships that represent our own on our TV screens. Becca Damante broke down the eight shows with WLW (women-loving women) we were most excited to continue watching in 2023. Of the eight on this list, only two are have concluded, so we can continue enjoying most of these series through 2024!

2.) Former WWE Wrestler Gabbi Tuft Weighs In On Trans Women in Sports

gabbi tuft

Gabbi Tuft (image courtesy Gabbi Tuft)

Heavyweight champ and World Wrestling Entertainment competitor Gabbi Tuft gained notoriety for documenting her gender transition on TikTok. Tagg writer Gisselle Palomera deftly covered Tuft’s views on the conversation around trans athletes. As a trans athlete, Tuft shared a unique view on how athletes with different muscle densities and physical abilities should be included in gendered sports.

3.) Inside South Korea’s 4B Movement Where Women Live Without Men
asian woman between trains

Feminism and a desire to fight against patriarchal norms resulted in South Korea’s radical “4B” movement. Women who live 4B denounce marriage, having children, dating, or having sexual relations with men as a means of eschewing social expectations of feminity. Leslie Absher wrote about how the movement evolved from its somewhat homophobic origins to a much more lesbian-centric variation. We love seeing women live their lives freely and authentically the world over.

4.) Bette and Tina Are Toxic Together: It’s Time to Talk About It

bette and tina on the l word

Bette (Jennifer Beals) and Tina (Laurel Holloman) on The L Word (Copyright: Showtime)

Bette and Tina have been among the most-discussed couples in the WLW community since The L Word premiered in 2004. From expanding their family to getting married, Tibette have been incapable of existing without drama. Amanda Ostuni explored all of the ways in which Bette and Tina modeled toxic behavior to queer viewers and why it’s important to call it out when we see it. Here’s to pushing for better WLW representation in 2024!

5.) The Best Genderqueer Tarot Decks

genderqueer tarot decks
The queer community has long been known for our love of astrology, tarot, and different ways of embracing spirituality. Olga Alexandru listed out some of the most inclusive and exciting tarot decks designed with the queer community in mind. Representation in our spiritual tools is key to feeling celebrated and seen in our sacred spiritual practices.

6.) Top (Pun-Intended) 10 Vibrating Double-Sided Strap-Ons
two women in bed

Sex toys are a great way to spice up time with a partner and access new and exciting sensations. Rowan Schlesinger listed 10 vibrating double-sided strap-ons across different price ranges that readers can try with their sexual partners. Trying new things—especially in the bedroom—is always a worthwhile adventure.

7.) The Ultimatum: Queer Love Aims to Please the Mono-Cis-Het World

the cast of the ultimatum queer love

The cast of The Ultimatum: Queer Love (Netflix)

The Ultimatum: Queer Love took WLW social media by storm. Between the couples, the drama, and the host, there was quite a lot to discuss. Becca Damante investigated the ways that the show functioned within mono-cis-het parameters, despite its queer cast. Hopefully, future queer editions of The Ultimatum are willing to take a more diverse and open approach to queer relationships and queer lives.

8.) ‘Doggy Style’ is Not for Beginners: My First Time Using a Strap-On

A sapphic couple smile at each other in bed

Photo by Mahrael Boutros

In her vulnerable essay, Dominique takes readers on a journey through her first time using a strap-on with her partner. We get to join along through the awkwardness, the pleasure, and the joy of learning something new.

9.) 6 Queer-Owned Booze Brands

dyke beer

Dyke Beer

Drinks can be a big part of our lives: we have friends over for beers, share a bottle of wine over dinner, and mix up cocktails for PRIDE parties. Why not support LGBTQ+ community members while we’re at it? Rosen P-W is here to help us do so, with a list of queer-owned alcohol brands. Now, we can cheer on our community while celebrating all of our accomplishments, big and small!

10.) Danielle Moné Truitt on Playing a Queer Character on Law & Order: Organized Crime

Danielle Moné Truitt as Sergeant Ayanna Bell

Danielle Moné Truitt as Sergeant Ayanna Bell (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/NBC)

Despite being around for decades, queer season regulars within Dick Wolf’s Law & Order universe have been few and far between. In Amanda Ostuni‘s article, Danielle Moné Truitt shares how she’s taking on the mantle of representing queer Black women on one of the largest franchises on television. Truitt is breaking barriers and paving the way for more queer representation in Law & Order and on TV in general.

Happy New Year! We can’t wait to see what you all decide to read in 2024!

Sondra Rose Marie
Sondra Rose Marie
Sondra Rose Marie Morris (she/her) is a memoirist, journalist, and entrepreneur. Her words covering mental health, racism, death, and sexuality can be found in ZORA, Human Parts, Dope Cause We Said, The Q26, and on Medium. As of 2024, Sondra is the owner and Editor in Chief for Tagg Magazine. Follow her adventures on Instagram @SondraWritesStuff or Twitter @sondrarosemarie.