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dyke beer

Dyke Beer

You’re most likely aware of the heated conversation around a certain popular beer and their recent collaboration with a prominent trans influencer, but rather than getting bogged down in the discourse, why not take this as an opportunity to explore queer-owned booze brands, and enjoy a delicious (responsible) drink while keeping your coins in the community. Here are some suggestions from across the U.S. to get you started.


Birdhorse Wines

Self-described “partners in love and wine,” Corinne Rich and Katie Rouse are seeking to diversify Californian winemaking. Made with organically grown grapes, their seasonally released wines are available in New York and California, distributed by Skurnik Wines. Their recent Spring collection includes the Heliotropes California Red, a delicately sweet red wine with fruity notes, created in collaboration with queer artist Lia Halloran. Proceeds from this wine will go to an LGBTQ+ charity, to be announced in June.


Bow and Arrow Brewing Co.

Based in New Mexico, this brewery was founded by wife and wife duo, Shyla Shepperd and Missy Begay. The first Native-woman-owned brewery in the U.S., they proudly host the Native Land beer collaboration, whose proceeds go to Native non-profits. Their beers and hard seltzers can be found at a range of venues and shops throughout New Mexico, including several Trader Joe’s, and some locations in Oregon, Colorado, and Northern California. Products include a prickly pear hard seltzer, a peanut blossom cookie inspired stout, and a peppermint black IPA, alongside classics like an American Pilsner and dark lager.


Dyke Beer

Having evolved from the founders’ previous project, Dyke Bar Takeover, this company is deeply embedded in the community. Choosing to brand themselves with a reclaimed slur, Dyke Beer is fighting for lesbian visibility in the craft beer market. Founders Loretta Andro Chung and Sarah Hallonquist say, “We felt that many of our lesbian bars didn’t have a good craft beer and thought, what better time to create it than now?” Currently, Dyke Beer is available in New York State in nearly 60 locations including the iconic Stonewall Inn.


Republic Restoratives

Proudly women-led and LGBTQ-led, this crowdfunded distillery is seeking to disrupt the spirits market. Based in Washington D.C., their products are available in 32 U.S. states and counting. Their Civic Pride gin sports the progress pride flag on its bottle, and every purchase sends a donation to the Colorado Healing Fund, who are helping the local community rebuild after the Club Q shooting.


Suncliffe Gin

Brewed in Arizona with local botanicals, Suncliffe Gin is made by gay couple Ryan Lawrence and Thomas Giddings, along with friend Clare Byrne. Lawrence and Giddings forage/wild harvest the juniper berries and plants that go into the gin themselves, from around Sedona. The gin is available in bars across Arizona, California, New York, and New Jersey, and in their online store, all profits from which go to the Navajo Water Project.


Supergay Vodka

Supergay Vodka is a small batch vodka made with organic corn from nearby producers, with ethically sourced ingredients. LGBTQ+ owned and operated, they donate a percentage of their profits to local queer community projects. Made in New York, the spirit is available at bars and shops in various states across the U.S., and in their own online store.



Rosen P-W
Rosen is a genderqueer butch dyke and writer, facilitator and occasional community organiser living in London. They are passionate queer history and culture, and a keen knitter/beginner crocheter.