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Representation matters in all aspects of life, so why shouldn’t our spiritual tools reflect that too? No matter where you are in the alphabet mafia these tarot decks, made by queer folks for queer folks, will make you feel seen, understood, and celebrated like never before. 


Transient Light Tarot

Transient Light Tarot by Ari Wisner

Part of Ari Wisner’s motivation for creating Transient Light Tarot was the belief “that everyone should be able to see themselves in [tarot], regardless of gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, ability, or body” according to the publisher’s website. They have achieved this by renaming all of the gendered cards including the courts. The High Priestess is now The Revealer, The Empress becomes The Nurturer, The Emperor shifts into The Defender, The Hierophant is reborn as The Proclaimer; the essential meanings still easily discernible but made more inclusive. With no humans depicted apart from silhouettes, this is a perfect genderless deck when you want to get straight to the meanings with no distractions. Bonus points for the packaging being entirely plastic-free!


rainbow tarot

Rainbow Tarot by So Lazo

A bright and cheerful deck, Rainbow Tarot by So Lazo is a feast for the eyes and queer heart. Taking them six years to make, this indie deck is a testament to queer joy. While the titles remain true to traditional tarot, the depictions are fresh for the 21st century. In The Lovers card we see visible top surgery scars and in The World card we see visible pubic and leg hair. The more traditional cards of love and family are made inclusive with queer couples. This deck proves that queer representation don’t always have to against a harrowing backdrop; they can be cute, colorful, and endlessly joyful while still packing a punch.


luna sol tarot

Luna Sol Tarot by Darren Shill and Kay Medaglia

Created by Liminal 11 founders, Darren Shill and Kay Medaglia, Luna Sol Tarot, with its soft palette, invites “you in with moments of delicate vulnerability” according to their website. The characters in this inclusive tarot deck are visibly trans, non-binary and gender nonconforming. The creators wanted to create a deck that showcased the modern world we live in filled with different gender expressions, body types, races, abilities, and more. There is a gentleness in the art style and depictions that works perfect for times when we need comfort rather than confrontation. 


fifth spirit tarot

Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Claire Burgess 

The tagline for Fifth Spirit Tarot promises “a queer and inclusive deck for a world beyond binaries” and boy does it deliver! Originally an indie deck, this was recently released mass market by spirituality publisher Hay House. It centers on the premise that binaries don’t exist and that everything is fluid, including gender. The idea is that this should be represented in tarot too. This deck chooses to queer traditional tarot archetypes visually rather than name changes. It offers a more pip-style deck with no people in the minor arcana but this doesn’t make it any less potent. In fact by reducing the amount of visual stimulation on the cards, the messages jump out even easier. 


queer tarot by ash and chess

Queer Tarot by Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham

Inspired by psychedelic 1960’s imagery, Queer Tarot is the brainchild of queer power duo Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham, founders of stationary brand Ash + Chess. Using their risographic illustration style, they capture real life LGBTQ+ folks in a celebration of queer history and joy. The guidebook contains queer perspectives on often traditional and stale archetypes while also digging deeper into the relationship between tarot and queerness. Come for the funky outfits, bright colors and uplifting tone, stay for the education and ferocity of representation.