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For seven years, the CooLots have blessed us with their unique and soulful sound that blends rock, funk, and soul. Now, Dappho the Flow-er, Crys C, Asha BOOMCLAK Santee, AwesomeRita, and Huggie are gifting the world with a new album, REBIRTH.

We caught up with them to find out about the album, their history, their upcoming performance.

What brought you all together?
Fate. Crys and I had a mutual friend and we all wanted to start a band. So, we met up, brainstormed on who else we could bring in, brought them in, and the CooLots were formed.

Why did you choose this genre and style of music?
We all had different influences and wanted to stand out among other local D.C. talent.

There are not many, if any, queer artists creating this style of rock and soul music. Why did you choose it?
It just came naturally. We make music organically and our first productions were just that, raw and natural. We all were able to venture outside of the box and decided to capitalize off of that.

Tell me about REBIRTH. What inspired it?
We are constantly evolving as musicians and human beings. As a band, we have experienced changes, growth, and development… marriage, self discovery, and loss. All of these things encourage and embody a REBIRTH.

Besides a new set of songs, what are some of the differences between REBIRTH and your previous album?
REBIRTH is a collection of songs we are very close to and fond of. They delve into revolution, love, and self discovery. We’ve worked with different producers on this album which gives it a fresh and new sound. New nuances and trademarks are featured as well.

The CooLots

What was it like creating REBIRTH?
It was like love. Like, God. Like, Genesis. We created these beautiful things for people to vibe off of and relate to in a more intense and thoughtful way. Like everything good, the enemy always comes to show face either by way of production woes or attempted studio swindles, yet, we are chosen, y’all. And just like that, we have persisted to bring the people a quality project they can feel and rock out to.

There was a line in Doors about Sandra Bland. Are there any social justice tributes in this album?
Yes! Bodies is actually broken into two parts to honor those who have been brutalized by racism, misogyny, and all kinds of oppression for the color of their skin or gender.

You’ll be performing on November 4 for the album’s debut. How does it feel to share yet another album with your fans?
Feels like good sex! I’m just joking. The feeling beyond lovely to rock out along with the people as they listen to the album.

How will you all be preparing for this show?
Practice has been popping along with social media. Surely hitting the streets old school style, passing out flyers. New website, new merchandise, new NEW.

Vickey D Casey
Vickey D Casey
Vickey is a tiny traveler extraordinaire with a knack for finding free fun. She is a D.C. transplant with Caribbean roots and flies a flag with colors pink, lavender, and blue.