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May 5, 2015
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May 6, 2015
Mira Patel

Point Foundation scholar to be honored at D.C. cornerstone event

Mira Patel, a Point Foundation Scholar, has a vested interest in the upcoming presidential campaign. Mira previously worked for Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State under President Obama. As a member of the Policy Planning Staff, she advised Secretary Clinton on gender and human rights issues. Among many of her accomplishments, Mira helped craft the slogan “Gay Rights are Human Rights” for the announcement of the Global Equity Fund – a private initiative that funds grassroots organizations seeking to foster change and public dialogue about LGBT governance around the world. Due to Mira’s extraordinary efforts to create change globally for LGBTQ individuals, she was named as one of the “Out 100” in 2012 by Out Magazine.

As a pioneer in her community with a strong determination to further the human rights movement, Mira was selected as a Point Foundation Scholar in 2013 to assist with her MBA studies in social innovation at Wharton University.

Point Foundation is the nation’s largest LBGTQ scholarship funding organization for undergraduate and graduate students. \With fewer than 2% of applicants being awarded Point’s multi-year scholarships, Point Scholars amount to the very best and brightest LGBTQ students in the country and are poised to become the next generation of leaders in the LGBTQ community.

While at Wharton, Mira is continuing to impact the LGBTQ community. By partnering with Point Foundation, she has hosted small networking events to bring women and their allies together. These events give women a chance to learn about each other’s journeys and to discuss the importance of support along with the influence they each had on social change. With so many female innovators having connections to private organizations, one of their goals is to find a way to foster these relationships to advance the human rights movement. As an MBA candidate, Patel is focused on facilitating innovative public-private partnerships that further human rights, technology, and economic development.

The Point Foundation has been a significant source of networking and support for Mira. Point not only assists with financial funding, but also provides mentorship, leadership, and community service opportunities. Scholars like Mira take advantage of Point’s large alumni and mentor network to progress through college and their careers. Point recently revamped its leadership programs to provide a more relevant and specific leadership and educational tools. Scholars and alumni may now participate in biannual Leadership Education and Affinities Development (LEAD) consortiums, biannual leadership conferences, and regional leadership forums. Each of these programs has unique interactive workshops, guest speakers, and networking opportunities. The LEAD consortiums provide a targeted focus for intended career paths of college students.

Mira is one of many Point scholars making an impact on the LGBTQ community. To hear more about Mira’s story and other area Point scholars, please join Point alumni, mentors, and other supporters at the 2015 Point Foundation Cornerstone Event being held on Thursday, May 14th at Room & Board in Washington DC. To learn more information and to purchase tickets go to