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5 Ways to Customize Your Next Cruise

Ready for a getaway to get you through the madness of another hectic holiday season? Skip all of the hassle of research and planning and book a cruise instead.

A cruise is a surprisingly versatile vacation option that can be tailored to your specific needs, thanks to an array of amenities and destination options that offer something for everyone.

Here are a few ways you could customize your next cruise:

1. Couples Only

If you truly want to get away from it all with your sweetie and closest friends, gather a group and embark on a couples cruise together. Of course, you’ll want to leave the kids at home to enjoy some quality time away from your day-to-day responsibilities.

For example, you can take advantage of a world-class culinary experience while out at sea and upgrade to a premium beverage package to get a taste of unique cocktails and wine curated by esteemed mixologists and sommeliers. Just be sure to make advance reservations for meals at the start of your trip to ensure your group can be seated together.

2. Extreme Adventures

If you’re looking for some extreme adventures in the coming year, know that 2019 Alaska cruises are a must. With a plethora of wildlife and rugged terrain to see and experience firsthand, there are plenty of thrill-seeking opportunities around every corner.

Start with a helicopter ride to get an overview of the stunning tundra and land on a glacier to explore the area up close on a traditional Alaskan dog sled ride. Then, explore the breathtaking Mendenhall glacier at sea level by kayak to get a better understanding of its incredible scale.

After exploring the glaciers, take an ATV tour through the backcountry to explore the Alaskan forests. Check out the views from above as well by speeding along a zipline through the forest canopy. Then, get back out on the water with a whitewater river rafting trip or a jet boat ride, or embark on a fishing expedition for King salmon or halibut guided by an expert angler.

3. Family Reunion

A cruise is also an ideal choice to host your next family reunion. Indeed, cruise ships tend to have something for everyone and plenty of large spaces for you all to enjoy catching up. Depending on the length of your cruise, make sure to book dining reservations for the entire group for one or two nights so you can all sit together. You might also want to plan a few group excursions. The goal is to offer plenty of opportunities to get together while also leaving enough time for everyone to relax and do their own thing.

4. Rest and Relaxation

Use your time at sea to rest and recharge. For example, you can indulge in various spa offerings such as a detoxifying ocean wrap, an aromatherapy stone massage, a restorative facial or a manicure and pedicure. Likewise, you can enjoy one of several group fitness classes, like yoga, Zumba and Tai Chi or take a run in the sea breeze on the jogging track. Such cruises offer all the amenities you could want, from elegant dining rooms and spacious suites to spa treatments, as well as excursions and exciting onboard activities. You’ll enjoy world-class service and elegant surroundings as you sail from one stunning destination to the next. For example, if you are planning your next trip to Croatia, a Dalmatian coast cruise can be a perfect way to relax and rest your mind and body while enjoying Croatia’s breathtaking coastline.

Be sure to take advantage of the ship’s adults-only amenities as well. Many ships have an adults-only deck, where you can curl up and relax with a good book and a glass of wine.

5. Old Friends Unite

Take a girls trip with your friends from high school or college. A cruise provides a nice central venue for you to spend quality time together relaxing and exploring new places. This is an easy-to-plan trip; simply pick a destination and the dates and book your stay. A cruise is a much simpler option for a girls trip than the typical get-together, which usually requires finding an AirBnB, splitting up the costs, renting a car and finding local restaurants and things to do.

Cruises are Ideal for Just About Any Outing

Whether you want to take a couples-only trip, host a family reunion, enjoy extreme adventures, have a relaxing spa getaway or reconnect with old friends, a cruise is an ideal option to meet your unique needs. With destinations all over the world and trips available for a range of budgets, don’t be surprised if you end up planning your next cruise on the way home.



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