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Dating Dos and Don’ts for the Winter Holidays

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Going on a date during the winter holidays can be exciting, fun, and heartwarming. It can also be boring, triggering, and heartbreaking. But there are other people who are searching to create genuine connections like you, so we’re here to help you navigate the dating scene during the winter holidays. 

Dating coach Lamont White is the owner of Better Way To Meet, a business providing queer dating coaching, matchmaking, and couples counseling services. He’s been a Nationally Certified Counselor providing counseling services for the LGBTQ+ community, specifically same-sex couples, since 2009. We asked him for a few dos and dont’s and words of advice for dating during the winter holidays. 


  • Be careful about getting into a committed relationship around the holidays, because some people just want a  boo for the holiday season. They want to quickly cope with their loneliness, so you may be their quick fix! I’d suggest waiting until after January before hopping into something too serious. If they really like you, they will wait. 
  • Focus on finding healthy and productive ways to manage anxiety and depression. A healthy person is extremely attractive and marketable.  
  • Attend as many holiday events as possible so that you can meet potential dates.  
  • Make sure your fashion, appearance, and attitude are exemplary! Don’t be afraid to pull out the hair waver, makeup kits, and trendy fashions to accentuate your best attributes. If you have to question this, turn around and try again. Call a friend or dating coach.


  • Get on dating apps late at night to deal with loneliness or boredom. Typically, you’ll be right back at square one when the hot and passionate hook-up is over.  
  • Shy away from telling your friends and social network that you are looking for love and what type of partner you want. They may have a great friend for you to meet. It’s like putting your resume out there for potential options to view. 

White says to be cautious about people who are unaware of their red flags: “We all have things that we can improve upon, but some people are oblivious of their red flags or don’t want to address them. If you find yourself interacting with a potential date that isn’t trying to work on their red flags, run for the hills or the next person.”

According to a Pew Research Center survey, 55 percent of lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults use online dating apps and sites and 65 percent of the respondents said their experience was very or somewhat positive. So, whether you are meeting people on dating apps or meeting at a local queer community center, bar, or club, keep an open mind and be vigilant. 

White says, “There are actually amazing people out there just like you, looking for a quality person. The dating pool is not full of pee, it also has some amazing gems.” 

Whatever you do, get out there and enjoy yourself.


Quinn Foster
Quinn Foster
Quinn is a Queer Melanated Afro-Creole Multi-Creative Writer, Music Artist, and Ethnographer who dedicates their energy to social justice issues, Melanated culture & history, travel, and much more. As a Two-Spirit individual, Quinn is still learning more about life, themselves, and nature day by day.