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Bi Day Now Greater

Bisexual Pride Flag

Washington, D.C. celebrates Bisexual Pride Day


By Zack Rosen

Bisexual Pride Day


Bisexuals, a population long doubted by, excluded from or invisible to the queer mainstream, are finally getting their own local pride event.

Washington, D.C.’s official inclusion in the international “Celebrate Bisexuality Day” will be commemorated with the “Bisexual At Any Age” expo on Monday, September 23 at the Residence at Thomas Circle from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

The event will be sponsored by SAGE of Metro DC (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders), AMBi (the Alliance of Multicultural Bisexuals), and The DC Center.

Loraine Hutchins Gay Pride Parade 1986

Loraine Hutchins, First Bisexual Participant in the 1986 DC Gay Pride Parade

“I’ve been bi here in D.C., worked for bi rights and liberation for over forty years,” says co-organizer Loraine Hutchins. “What I’m most excited about is that people are actually recognizing we exist and engaging with us respectfully about it. It’s a heady sense of fresh air to know my hometown is going to declare Monday “Celebrate Bisexuality Day.”

The proclamation will come from an official in Mayor Vincent Gray’s office, followed by a special panel discussion where local bisexual community elders Sabrina Sojourner and A. Billy Jones-Hennin will share their stories and perspectives.

“We’ll be doing a general overview of bisexuality, looking at the ways we’re similar to gays and lesbians but also different, and looking at reasons why we might be invisible,” says Jones-Hennin. “I myself didn’t know that September 23rd was [this holiday] and I was wondering why it was never celebrated in D.C. I said ‘It’s ridiculous not to do this in the nation’s Capital.’”

“Celebrate Bisexuality Day” was started in 1990 in San Francisco, and has since spread to locales as widespread as New York, Boston, The United Kingdom and South Africa.

Statistically bisexual individuals are often denied the social resources of their gay and lesbian counterparts and live at a much higher risk of suicide, poverty, sexual victimization and being closeted at work. A greater aim of the local event is to raise awareness and compassion for bisexual causes, and to unite the community in making their own voices heard.

The organizers also encourage everyone to create their own events to commemorate the day. The DIY (do-it-yourself) style offers creative ways to celebrate: pool parties, BBQ’s, fundraisers, potlucks, masked balls, panel discussions, art exhibits, talent shows, concerts, bi “kiss-ins” at local venues or flash mobs. Visibility is encouraged.

Bisexual at Any Age
6:30 – 8:00pm
The Residence at Thomas Circle
1330 Massachusetts Ave., NW
First Floor Conference Room
Refreshments Served



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