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September 17, 2013
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September 19, 2013

The Shondes Release Fourth Album

The Garden is just ripe for the picking



Shondes The GardenIndie rock quartet The Shondes are back again with their fourth album, The Garden, available via Exotic Fever Records. The album touches on issues that are easily relatable to women from all walks of life. It is sure to become a staple in the lesbian D.C. discography.

Life, love, and lesbian relationships are quite complex and powerful, and that’s just the kind of album you find with The Shondes. Whether you’re at home crying over a bottle of wine or driving down the road with the one you love, the powerful, heart-felt vocals of lead singer Louisa Rachel Solomon will keep you in good company.

Sure to meet expectations of loyal fans and newcomers alike, the 11-song album captures a spectrum of emotion, inspiration, and longing that we have learned to expect from this Brooklyn-based band.

The opening song of the album begs questions like “who told you to give up on the garden…the place where you buried everything,” encouraging us that no matter where we are, it’s never too late to rediscover what we once dreamed.  “Who said you’re never good enough,” Solomon sings—Well, certainly no ex of mine.

Tapping into the feminine psyche with paradoxical catch phrases like “There’s nothing more whole than a broken heart,” The Shondes assert that there is nothing wrong with us. In fact, we are all connected in the tragic losses of love and dreams, which eventually yield the fruit of growth and self-discovery.

Fearless interludes like “punch a hole into the sky; it’s not too late you have to try” are reminiscent of the Riot Grrrl spirit that resonates within each one of us. The Shondes are “On Your Side” with emotive, inspirational lyrics and fist-pumping beats that will surely keep you moving all night at lesbian hot spots like Chief Ikes, Dodge City, and Phase 1 SE.

Seamlessly concluding their messages of unity, strength, and power with the song “The Promise,” The Shondes leave you with seeds of hope and resilience to plant in your metaphorical garden. Download their record and start digging ladies.

The Shondes will be performing Friday, Sept 27 at Phasefest, located at 525 8th Street SE, Washington, D.C.