Human Rights Campaign Responds to Shocking Election Results
November 9, 2016
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Queer Women Respond to the Election of Donald Trump
November 11, 2016

Dear Anyone Who Voted for Donald Trump

Dear letter

Dear letter

Dear Anyone Who Voted For Trump,

It’s been a long and exhausting election season. I had hoped that our now President elect would have crawled back into the hole from which he came, but because of racism and our electoral system that does not care about the popular vote, we now must fight back the vomit every time we have to speak his name. Because this is about so much more than him, I thought you and I should have a talk.

You should know I won’t ever be over your vote for Trump.

And let me be clear, we can’t ever be friends again.

I will never forget how you gladly auctioned off my life, freedoms, marriage, the safety of my children and family to the rise of nationalist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, religious extremism and considered them tribute in your vote for Trump.

I will never forget you voted for a candidate who was okay with erasing me and my kind from the life and liberties afforded me by my country.

I will never forget the vileness of the campaign you supported just so you could make America into a place where you felt significant, important and relevant again.

I will never forget that you chose a candidate who mocked those who are differently abled. And the crowds of people egging him on. These are your people.

I will never forget that your vote solidified plans to “Build That Wall” and thus decided niños didn’t need their abuelas.

I will never forget the violence in your audacity of ownership and privilege over a stolen land built with stolen hands on the backs of stolen bodies.

This is not politics.  This is personal. This is real life.

I understand that I am responsible for my own healing. So therefore, I will work through my own anger as I release you to your own turmoil and reconciliation process.

I’m not a forgiver, I am a releaser.

Right now, as I work to release, I have retreated to my spiritual sanctuary. I’m smudging, cleansing, pouring a protective circle of salt around our community. I’ve cut energy cords tying me to the 53% of white women who voted for him. I’m casting a spell of healing and protection, conversing with my ancestors and making sure I am involved in the work that needs to be done so this never happens again. As a woman who lives at many intersections, I align myself with the marginalized communities who are being targeted by this whitelash of hate.

No, I don’t see the good in you. You made a clear choice. And, I too am making a clear choice.
I never want to see you again.

It’s not me…. It’s you!



Originally posted on,  Michelle Dowell-Vest, Author and producer of the Tagg Nation Podcast.  You can read more of her work at and you can follow her on Twitter at @MADowellVest