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Washington, DC – Starting this month, Tagg Magazine (www.taggmagazine.com)—a trusted publication for everyone lesbian, queer, and under the rainbow—will exist exclusively in the digital space.

Since 2012, Tagg’s covers have featured numerous queer celebrities, politicians, and social media stars, showcasing the diversity of the community. That timely and inclusive coverage won’t change. “Tagg has always been evolving from the moment I started it but our commitment to our audience has never changed and never will,” says Eboné Bell, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tagg. “We’re grateful to be financially stable and not going anywhere.”

After almost 11 years of offering both digital and print content, Tagg’s leadership enacts this transition to ensure that the magazine keeps pace with technological advancements and its readership. By closing the print arm of the magazine, Tagg’s staff will be able to turn their full attention to engaging with readers where they spend the most time today—online.

“While it’s a difficult decision to go fully digital, it’s ultimately a proactive choice and exciting opportunity to engage with our readers even more,” Bell says. One of the opportunities she is referring to is the new Tagg Team membership program that will be launched later this year. Readers will be able to receive exclusive perks for supporting Tagg with a monthly or annual membership.

Tagg’s digital focus reflects nationwide shifts in spaces and media designed specifically for lesbian and queer women. In the same way that the internet has lessened (but not eradicated) the necessity of bars for queer women by providing them with alternate methods of connecting, it’s also eroded the need for physical media.

With this news from Tagg, all but one of the country’s print publications for this demographic have gone digital. “This is a pivot that makes sense for Tagg, however, we understand that it means something to the community when they lose a physical space and it means something to the national community to lose a print magazine,” says Sarah Prager, Tagg’s Assistant Editor. “Queer print media matters and we support our partners continuing that essential work.”

For more than a decade Tagg has contributed to the physical history of lesbians and queer women. Now, the Tagg team is proud to continue contributing to their community’s history in the digital sphere.

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Tagg Magazine
Tagg Magazine is a trusted digital publication for everyone lesbian, queer, and under the rainbow.