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10 Key Things to Consider Before Giving CBD Oil to Your Dog

Do you have an anxious dog?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Just like humans, dogs can be very anxious and highly-strung. For these pooches, everyday tasks are overwhelming and cause distress.

The good news is that CBD oil has been found to be an effective way of treating dogs with various mental and physical health conditions.

Do your research before giving your dog CBD oil. Keep reading for 10 key things to consider before giving CBD oil to your dog.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. It’s recently grown in popularity, as people have begun to share ways in which it helps them with a variety of physical and mental health issues.

It’s a naturally occurring substance and is commonly used in edible products and oils. When used or consumed in these ways, it’s shown to assist with promoting relaxation and stress relief. These findings are true for both humans and dogs.

In order to understand the effect CBD has on humans and dogs, it’s helpful to look into the details of the cannabis plant itself. The plant is made up of two main substances: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. Zamnesia.com offers an in-depth guide exploring the distinct functions of THC and CBD and the effects they have on the body.

The THC is what’s responsible for the ‘high’ feeling after smoking or consuming cannabis.

CBD Is Non-Psychoactive

While CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the plant. What this means is that consuming CBD in any form won’t lead to any euphoric or paranoid feelings. You won’t feel altered or sedated in any way after taking CBD.

Keep in mind that the effect of CBD will vary from person to person. Some people will simply feel more relaxed or subdued than others. Everyone is different and will, therefore, feel the effects and benefits of CBD to a varying degree.

For this reason, it’s helpful to take or administer CBD to a person or dog under supervision.

How CBD Oil Works

These days, research has widely agreed that CBD oil is non-psychoactive and therefore safe to use for a number of ailments.

CBD oil’s current popularity is due, in part, to its ability to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system to promote overall healing and wellness. What’s the endocannabinoid system, you ask?

The endocannabinoid system refers to the interconnected chain of receptors found in the nervous system, brain, organs, and glands. In other words, it’s the body’s command center and controls maintaining balance throughout the body. It plays an important role in managing healing and health by regulating a mammal’s immune response.

Research shows that CBD oil interacts with receptors in order to act as a natural neuroprotective agent. This action has multiple health benefits, as it opens up two-way communication between endocannabinoid receptors to allow the body to regulate immune responses.

Thus, it assists in maintaining a good balance throughout the body.

What to Consider

While CBD has increased rapidly in popularity, many people are still unaware of what to take into account when deciding to give CBD oil to their dog. We’ve laid down ten things to consider before giving CBD oil to your dog.

Needs of Your Dog

The first thing to consider when deciding whether to give your dog CBD oil is their symptoms. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from a wide variety of physical and mental health issues.

Research has shown that the advantages of CBD oil are varied and extensive. This is good news. It means that you can assess what your dog needs and then check the list of benefits to see if CBD oil will be effective.

By understanding what your dog needs, you can tailor the amount of CBD they take before monitoring their progress.

Are They Anxious?

If your dog suffers from noise phobias or separation anxiety, CBD may be just what they need. In humans, CBD has been found to be extremely effective in treating a number of anxiety disorders.

CBD sends the message to your nervous system that it can calm down because you’re safe. This effectively mellows out your fight or flight response and allows the person or dog to have a calmer overall mood. Many dogs, especially rescue dogs, suffer from anxiety which negatively affects their daily functioning.

Do They Have Seizures?

Research indicates that around 5% of dogs suffer from seizures.

In most cases, dogs are prescribed potassium bromide or phenobarbital. Both of these effectively control seizures in most cases but they can be very harmful to your dog’s liver.

Along with this risk, some dogs won’t respond to either of these drugs. For these dogs, CBD can offer serious relief. Dog owners will be glad to know that CBD has been shown to work well in cases of drug-resistant epilepsy in dogs.

Are They in Pain?

Research indicates that the cannabinoids in CBD are very effective in treating pain. Chronic pain that doesn’t respond to other treatments has been shown to respond to CBD oil.

It effectively reduces general inflammation and intestinal inflammation, which can be a great relief to those suffering from stomach issues. For dogs with nerve-related pain, CBD oil can provide much-needed relief.

Do They Have No Appetite?

Some dogs are picky eaters, especially if they’re anxious.

If you’re having issues trying to get your dog to eat, CBD may help. CBD is shown to increase appetite and decrease nausea in those undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

In line with this, studies show that CBD for dogs can help with low appetite, vomiting, and nausea, even when they’re the result of toxins and drugs.

Do They Have an Irregular Heart Rate?

CBD has been linked to heart health in both humans and dogs. Research shows that it effectively helps protect blood vessels from damage and it reduces damage from damaged blood vessels and irregular heart rates.

It also works to reduce heart rate and blood pressure associated with stress and anxiety. This is yet another way that the overall health of anxious dogs can be vastly improved by taking CBD oil.

Do I Need Guidance?

After taking note of your dog’s unique symptoms, you’ll have ascertained whether CBD oil may be helpful in their recovery.

At this point, it’s beneficial to seek a second opinion. A holistic vet may be able to guide you during the process of starting your dog on CBD oil.

What Other Medication Are They On?

The great news is that CBD has been found to be safe. Research shows that even when taking high doses over extended periods, it’s a safe substance for both dogs and humans.

However, one thing to check before administering CBD to your dog is what other medication they’re currently on.

It’s possible for CBD to decrease the activity of liver enzymes used to metabolize many prescription drugs. So if your dog is on medication, it’s a good idea to check with your holistic vet before using CBD.

Do Your Research

Before purchasing any CBD oil product, it’s a good idea to do your research.

It’s critical that you read reviews of the product—as well as weed products—and that you do some background research before committing to a product. Don’t fall victim to false claims. Ensure you’re purchasing a legitimate product made with proper ingredients.

Watch Your Dog

Lastly, when you make the decision to give you dog CBD, make sure to watch them the first few times. Most CBD oil for dogs comes from hemp oil, so it contains no or very small traces of THC. This means that the side effects are usually mild or non-existent.

Along with this, hemp-based CBD products for humans and animals are legal in all 50 states. Despite its safety, it’s still a good idea to monitor your dog’s progress when taking CBD at first. This way, you can give feedback to your vet.

The Next Steps

After reading this article, you should know a bit more about what to take into account before giving CBD oil to your dog.

The bottom line is, CBD oil can be a healthy, and even life-saving, herb for your dog. It’s diverse health benefits mean it can make the lives of a number of dogs more pleasant.

In addition, it’s been deemed safe with hardly any side effects. Despite this, it’s still a good idea to do your research and ensure that you administer the right kind of CBD to your dog.