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Saving Money as A Pet Owner

Woman of color holding short hair dog

(Photo by Wallace Chuck from Pexels)

When you have pets, you must be conscious of how you spend money. You can create a budget for your pets, plan how you will pay for medical expenses, and avoid buying certain things your pets do not need. Use the tips below so that you can keep your pets healthy and happy without spending too much money.

Avoid Buying Frivolous and Unnecessary Toys

You can get toys and scratching posts for your pets, but you should keep your spending to a minimum. Your pets will enjoy playing with leftovers boxes, and they likely have adopted some household items that they like to play with. Get your cats a scratching post, get your dogs some tennis balls, and get a nice bed for everyone to sleep in.

You do not need to fill your house with toys and accessories. Your pets cannot play with all these toys, and you cannot return a toy that your pet only played with once. Plus, large cat condos or dog houses are extremely expensive. You might build the cat condo yourself or construct a dog cage that helps your dog sleep at night.

Budget for Food

You do not need to buy the most expensive pet food on the market. Plus, you should try to buy pet food in major supermarkets and department stores. Specialty pet stores often charge much more money for their food, and you do not want to spend all your money on pet food each month.

You can buy dry food that is much more cost-effective than wet food. If you insist on giving your pets wet food, you should give them wet food once or twice a week. If you have a pet with certain health issues, you save money on medical costs long-term by feeding them an illness specific diet like cat kidney food for cats with kidney disease or weight management food for dog breeds prone to weight gain like beagles, pugs and bulldogs. You can reduce your food costs if you use a delivery service that offers discounts, or you might buy pet food in bulk to reduce the price even more.

Groom Your Pet At Home

Groom your pet at home instead of going to an expensive groomer. You might not have enough money in your budget to go to the groomer every month, and your pets may not need to be groomed every month. You can learn to groom your cats and dogs at home, and you can trim their nails with clippers you bought online (

If you are grooming your pet at home, you can help them keep their coast short without shaving them all at once. Your pet will get used to being groomed at home, and you will not need to make a special trip for a grooming appointment.

Do Not Buy Expensive Collars, Leashes, And Clothes

If you are buying expensive collars and leashes for your pets, these items will be destroyed after only a few months of use. You are spending money on something that your pet does not need. Plus, your pets have no idea that they are wearing nice collars and leashes. You can reduce your costs by purchasing something simple and utilitarian.

Plan for Veterinary Costs

If you are taking your pet to the vet several times a year, you may consider buying pet insurance. However, pet insurance policies do not pay for everything. You might be surprised by an unexpected medical emergency that it too critical to put off.

You may be able to get a quick loan online to pay for unexpected veterinary treatments if your pet happens to catch a life-threatening disease, and you don’t have the savings to cover it. You should only consider applying for a loan if you absolutely cannot afford the costs of treatment, and you should plan to pay off that loan as quick as possible after your pet has healed.


When you are trying to save money as a pet owner, you can use all the steps listed above. You can control food costs, reduce your spending on toys, and stop spending on extravagant leashes and collars. You can get a loan if you need to pay for a medical emergency that you cannot afford, so you can you still have money left over in your budget every month. Plus, you will have enough money to get another dog or cat and grow your family.




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