Rising Pop Star Dorian Electra Joins the Dinah Stage

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Rising Pop Star Dorian Electra Joins the Dinah Stage

Dorian Electra

The Dinah continues to grow their music line-up with the addition of pop singer Dorian Electra. Dorian Electra’s viral videos have accumulated over six million views and their on-stage persona has been described as “a mix of Britney Spears and a sleazy Las Vegas lounge singer.”

Electra is known for making music that defies gender norms. In the past year, their work has gained a queer cult following and led them to being named a must-know talent by Buzzfeed and one of PAPER Magazine’s “100 Women Revolutionizing Pop.” Not only that, but Electra has also quickly built a dedicated following thanks to their futuristic spin on current pop, 80s funk, and a long-standing love of satirizing rigid gender roles and views on sexuality.

A frequent Charli XCX collaborator, Electra was featured on the Pop 2 track “Femmebot.” They have also played live with XCX at a number of self-curated shows and after parties. Most recently, Electra performed at NYC Pride 2018, toured with British pop sensation Rina Sawayama and supported Russian group Pussy Riot on their first U.S. tour. In 2019, Electra will be releasing their debut album and headlining tour.







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