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October 13, 2016
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An Excerpt from “As Told By Us”

Author Gabriella Meghan

as-told-by-us-cover-page-001About “As Told By Us”
Surrounded by new faces, in a new town, Layla Rouge decides it’s time for new experiences. She never knew how fast people would flock into her newly developed life…or how quickly they’d fall off. In the small town of Chattanooga, Layla discovers her underlying sexuality. She has always been attracted to women, but never quite knew that they would be so mesmerized by her. A string of suicides begin to pop up around Chattanooga. These souls were always troubled, but it all seems to happen too fast. Playing the Queen of Hearts, Layla falls in love, and in lust, but is broken down by so many… but who is really the victim here? Only you can decide.

From the Chapter “Trinity”:
By Gabriella Meghan

A tear rolled from my cheek that I wouldn’t let her see, as if maybe I felt the same for her. Maybe the universe really did place us in each other’s paths for some reason. Only the moon watched our bodies, as the stars danced alongside us. I pulled her close, and hummed a song… a song that had no words, or rhyme, or even reason… but a song that came from my heart, that echoed the rhythm of her cries. I wanted to tell her it would be all right… that the pain would only last for tonight and in the morning she would forget me and my devilish ways. But then I would be lying.

Trinity was one of the few girls I limited my lying to because deep down, something compelled me to care, even if it was just enough to keep her sane. Her blue eyes were dowsed in tears and bloodshot. I pulled away, and she pulled me closer as she buried her freckled face in my chest. We parted, and each mile I drove in the opposite direction of her angelic being, I felt emptiness, fear and anxiety. I was driving “home,” to a house filled with angst and rage. How could somebody with such strong power over others succumb to the grip of abuse? That is a puzzle that many will try to solve until the end of time.

I crept up to the back door, as the house let out tiny screams in the creaking of the old floors. I slid off my boots and slid through the kitchen. The walls were painted yellow and three handsome cats greeted me. I whispered to them “hush… please don’t wake her…” I crept into the living room, avoiding the bedroom at all costs. I grabbed a notepad and pen and bean to write poetry so dark and deceiving that even I had myself fooled. My phone lit up, on silent, with a text.

“When can I see you again?”- Trinity

“I don’t know… Who knows.”- I responded, and continued writing until the sun rose.






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