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October 17, 2016
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October 19, 2016

Classic Lesbian Movie Re-Released on 20th Anniversary

“Late Bloomers” will be released digitally for the first time on multiple platforms

DVD_Amaray_Template.qxdWolfe Video recently announced that the classic lesbian romantic comedy Late Bloomers will be released digitally for the first time on multiple platforms October 18, including iTunes and This 20th Anniversary Edition also marks the first time the title has been available in HD. A heart-warming story of two Midwestern women – one a married high school secretary, the other the school basketball coach – Late Bloomers tells a story still relevant to these times, as the women face the community’s uproar when their love affair is revealed.

Carly Lumpkin (Dee Hennigan) has a thankless job as the high school secretary, a loveless marriage to nice but clueless Ron (Gary Carter), and a couple of challenging children including a teenage daughter (Lisa Peterson) who disdains her mother’s every move. Carly barely acknowledges her husband’s basketball partner Dinah (Connie Nelson), a single, lonely woman who also teaches and coaches at the high school.

But after Carly mistakenly accuses Dinah of having an affair with Ron, the women unexpectedly strike up a friendship – and gradually fall in love when Dinah starts teaching Carly to play basketball. The two women bloom but the community fumes over the relationship- but how Carly and Dinah overcome the hostility shown to them is touching and ultimately affirming.


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