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Memorial Day Weekend at Rehoboth Beach
May 20, 2014
Gretchen Corl and Brianne Croteau
Wedding Announcement: Gretchen Corl and Brianne Croteau
May 22, 2014

Feature: Pride in Loving Out Loud

Rainbow letters that say Pride in Loving Out Loud


In 1978, San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker created the first Rainbow Flag, to symbolize the diversity of the LGBTQ community. It was hand-sewn and hand-dyed and featured eight stripes.

The flag’s design has evolved over the years, and today, six colors still remain visible at Pride celebrations across the country—and around the world: Red represents life, orange symbolizes healing, yellow denotes sunlight, green signifies nature, blue embodies harmony, and purple portrays spirit.

This year’s Capital Pride offers the opportunity to celebrate the achievements and strides of the LGBTQ community. Our determination and visibility have played large roles in how far we have come.

More people are living their lives Out Loud every day, at work and at home, as well as through activism, social media, sports, and performance arts, to name just a few areas. Many are able to live such open lives because of the support and love around them.

We are proud to feature six couples who are living and loving Out Loud. Like the Rainbow Flag, these six couples reflect the diversity and beauty of our community.

Feature Photography by Denis Largeron

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