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Full Out: New Lesbian Web Series

Scene from Full Out web series


On January 27 take out those dancing shoes to immerse yourself in the highly homophobic world of ballet. This is a story about being queer in the dance world; that is clinging to the heterosexual norm. King is a Fink Productions in collaboration with OpenTV is premiering an original series Full Out.

OpenTV is a beta platform which highlights original series about independent arts and artists. The production company strives to open audiences to diverse identities and their experiences. Recognizing the need to break free from the competitive format seen of reality TV, OpenTV brings a voice to artists who identify as queer, trans, and cis-women and persons of color.

King is a Fink Productions is owned by writer, Julie Keck and director, Jessica King. As a couple; they have written, directed, produced, edited, and distributed eighteen digital series. For five years, they have been enlightening and delighting audiences. Jessica and Julie have teamed with choreographer, Kaitlin Webster, and a highly talented cast in Full Out.

Full Out follows a dancer as she struggles to reclaim her former glory after a devastating injury. Follow the main character through her self-discovery as she battles her way back to the top while fighting to remain in the closet.

The main character, Claire is filled with ambition. For her, dance is her reason for living. Her personal life, her relationships, and at times her dignity is cast aside in the chase of her aspirations. The manipulation she encounters on the way, challenges her morals. She must make a decision on what she will and will not accept from others as she takes control of her own life. The director, Jessica describes the want in underlining “how hard it is for women to be aggressive in pursuing their goals.”

The series dives deeper, exploring the different personalities and obstacles faced in the queer community. The gender policing and homophobia comes out in many different ways. The series examines how women oppress other women. The characters exalt an assumed standard which they force others to aspire to. The writer, Julie stresses, “The series focuses on the dance world but relates to the rest of the world in how being queer effects your career. We highlight the discrimination in career life.”

The characters in this series are living their lives and happen to be gay. They are not just queer, and the series is not just about dance or just about women. The audience will be drawn in by life issues. Be swept away and charmed by the storyline. All the while being inspired by the consciousness of queer people and women with ambition.

Catch the first episode of Full Out, which premiers on January 27 on OpenTV’s website free of charge. Stay tuned as a new episode airs every two weeks. Follow the link here. To find more information and other work by King is a Fink Productions, visit Kingisafink.com.

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Full Out — Season One Trailer from Open TV (beta) on Vimeo.


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