How Gadgets Change the Vaping Experience

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How Gadgets Change the Vaping Experience

Woman smoking a vape

Vaping is not like smoking a cigarette. One vape is also entirely different from another on the market. Some models are chosen because they are similar in shape and in experience to the traditional cigarette. Others are chosen because of their modern look and feel. Some still are chosen because of how they can be customized for the unique user experience. The point is, vaping is a very personal experience because of how customizable it is, and gadgets can change this experience just as much as the flavor of e-liquid you have chosen can.

How Tanks Change the Vaping Experience

Tanks are the containers that hold your e-liquid. In many cases, these tanks can be refilled to the user’s discretion. For those who want this experience, you have two main considerations:

Larger Tank vs Smaller Tank

Larger tanks can be prone to leaking but will offer a longer period of puffs before you need to switch it out. If you want to try a bunch of different e-liquids out, however, you will probably want a smaller tank.

Plastic Tank vs. Glass Tank

Plastic tanks are much cheaper than glass tanks but don’t tend to last as long or offer the best experience.

Set Tanks vs. Refillable Tanks

Some vapes, like those at, are pre-made and therefore only need to be switched out, rather than cleaned. They offer over 300 puffs per tank and are great for beginners and those that want an easy, hassle-free experience, as refillable tanks need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to enjoy.

How Mods Change the Vaping Experience

Mods hold the battery for your vape. They can also control the experience to a very fine-tuned degree. From voltage to temperature, your mod will be the main powerhouse of your vaping experience. It is also where the most innovation comes in. Advancements in batteries are slow, so any new update on length of battery life to performance will significantly change your experience.

How Model Design Changes the Vaping Experience

Finally, the overall design will change your experience. Something small and sleek can be easily taken out and enjoyed with discretion. It can also be stored and overall look very chic for anyone who needs or wants to keep up a specific appearance. Larger, clunkier models can provide a more specific experience, but at the cost of portability. At the end it will depend on what you feel comfortable with using, and how often you want to use it.

Know how each part of the vape can change your experience, and you can easily go forth and personalize your experience to perfection. It might take time to figure out what you prefer, but it is always worthwhile to pursue.