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How to Throw the Ultimate Wedding Party

If you want your wedding party to be talked about and remembered for years to come, then you need to put some work in. Ultimate wedding parties don’t throw themselves, you know! You have to work hard to ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy, and you have to do all you can to stop boredom creeping in.

For detailed advice on how to throw the ultimate wedding party, make sure to read on.

Ask for song requests

To make sure all of your wedding party guests dance the night away, you have to play tunes that get their toes tapping. In this instance, it’s no good only playing songs that you like because that will result in you dancing alone. To inspire everybody to join you on the dance floor, you need to play an array of songs that adhere to a vast range of musical tastes. The best way to find out whatever everybody would like to hear is to simply ask them. This might sound strange, but asking everybody to note down a few songs that they would like to hear will be sure to fill your dance floor and make your DJ’s night a lot easier — you can send out your song request forms with your wedding invitations.

Don’t let the speeches go on too long

Speeches are a must at a wedding. They offer the happy couple’s nearest and dearest the chance to say what they feel about the happy couple and tell a few funny anecdotes as they do. As important as speeches are, however, you shouldn’t allow the process of them being given at your wedding party to drag on for too long. Especially if they are decisively unfunny, long speeches can kill the vibe of a party like nothing else.

Include an element of the unexpected

It’s a known fact that wedding guests love a good surprise or two, which is why you should factor an element of the unexpected into your celebrations. This could be anything, from a singing troop disguised as waiting staff to a dance routine breaking out around the dinner tables. You could even get the immediate family of the happy couple involved, and ask them to organize something special!

Make sure nobody has an empty glass

Throughout the duration of your party, none of your guests should be left wanting for anything. You should provide them with a meal to fill them for the duration of the night, and their glasses should never be empty. Of course, it is your day, and you shouldn’t have to spend it catering to everybody’s needs — it is for this reason why seeking professional hospitality experience is a must. Such professionals, like those who can be found at eventbartenders.com, will work hard all night to ensure that your guests are kept happy throughout the entire evening.

If you want to throw the wedding party to end all wedding parties, then you can consider the advice above to help get you started. You have to keep your guests moving, entertained, surprised, and well fed and watered throughout the whole night — anything less, and your party will not be able to call itself ‘ultimate’!