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Bette (Jennifer Beals) and Tina (Laurel Holloman) in Episode 2 of Season 3 of The L Word: Generation Q (Credit: Showtime)

This week’s episode was all about Tina and Bette, and honestly, I can’t complain. Last week, Tina and Bette’s love connection was interrupted with a knock on the door from Angie. . . but not for long.

When Angie walks in on her moms making out, she immediately bolts. Bette asks Tina if they should tell Angie that this was a mistake, but thankfully, they both agree that it wasn’t and decide to tear each other’s clothes off. Finally, we get the #Tibette sex scene we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s even got some amazing switch action.

But unfortunately, not all the other Gen Q couples are as lucky as Bette and Tina. Gigi tells Dani that Nat wants to get to know her better before Dani moves in, and Dani is not having it. However, their debacle leads to a cute moment between Bette and Dani, where Bette says that Gigi is only looking out for her kids, and Bette asks Dani whether she is ready to be a parent.

With Tess and Shane, at first, things seem to be going well, especially after Shane agrees to open a second bar with Tess. But Alice is worried about Shane and “the itch,” which she describes as Shane’s tendency to walk away when things get too real. Did someone say Carmen de la Pica Morales?

Honestly, it’s not much better for Alice this week, as she goes on a date with a woman who tries to recruit her into a sex cult. Poor Alice just cannot seem to land herself a decent partner.

But the couples who have it the worst this week are probably Sophie and Finley, followed by Micah and Maribel. With Finley back from rehab, Sophie organizes a game night with Micah and Maribel, and things get tense pretty quickly.

Maribel is mad that Sophie told Finley about Maribel’s desire to have a baby with Micah. And Micah feels a bit overwhelmed about the whole situation, especially since he hasn’t even told his mom about Maribel yet.

In addition, Maribel reveals that Sophie was sleeping with someone else while Finley was in rehab, and Finley is absolutely pissed. Luckily, both couples are able to resolve their issues, but not without some dramatic moments.

Speaking of drama, towards the end of the episode, Tina tells Bette that she has to go back to Toronto, and Bette begs her to stay. Tina misinterprets Bette’s request as asking her to give up her life in Toronto and move to LA, and Bette admits that in a way, that’s kind of what she was asking.

With a little coaxing from Shane and Alice, Bette realizes that she must follow Tina. Bette runs through traffic to get to Tina, and their reunion is incredible. Bette makes a heartfelt speech about how she’s done building her career and wants to be with Tina forever. “You’re my home. I want to love you better each and every day,” says Bette. “And I cannot wait another minute to do it.”

Bette asks to join Tina in Toronto, and Tina agrees. But before I even have a moment to celebrate, Nat calls Dani and says that Gigi has been in an accident. Say what?! Can Gen Q please let me have my queer joy for one second?


Becca’s Rankings

  •  Sexiest Scene: We finally get the sex scene we’ve been waiting for from Bette and Tina, and damn. These women are queer icons.
  • Most OMG-Moment: Maribel talking to Finley about Sophie: “I liked whoever she was fucking when you were gone.”
  • Funniest Moment: Tess answering the phone to talk to the real estate agent while Shane is going down on her. And also Bette saying: “I am an adult . . . most of the time.” Same, girl.
  • Best Musical Moment: Bette running to Tina in traffic a la Imagine Me and You with a cover of “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall in the background.
  • How We Know We’re in 2022: Shane asks Alice about the difference between Marvel and DC Comics, and Bette and Tina admit that they do not know who JoJo Siwa is.
  • Who will sleep together next? Maybe Angie and that random guy she kisses at the art exhibit because she told her half-sister that after the breakup with Jordi, “this could be my ho phase.”



Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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