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5 Things You Can Do Now to Get Healthy

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Start with a plan and goals. Write down your goals to get healthy, with deadlines. Give copies of your plan and goals to an accountability partner and/or friends and family. It’s hard to fall off the wagon when you have a power team working in your favor.

Keep a food journal. Keeping a journal encourages you to be brutally honest with yourself. Being consistent with your journal will help change your relationship with food and help release pounds.

Use everyday activities. Every little bit counts. Taking the stairs several times a day, going for a walk at lunch, or turning your coffee date into a walking date—it all adds up.

Eat six times a day. Having three healthy meals and three snacks will diminish cravings for sweets and carbohydrates, while increasing the level of satiety. As you nourish your body every three hours with a healthy meal or snack, you are empowered to make better food choices consistently.

Find your inspiration. Make sure that you are making changes for yourself, not for anyone else. Find motivational and inspirational quotes, pictures, and mantras to give you that extra push. There is hard work involved, but this is your health.




Ebone Bell
Eboné F. Bell
Eboné is the founder and Editor of Tagg Magazine. In addition to running a queer women’s publication, she shares her knowledge and passion as a keynote speaker at conferences, schools, and events across the country.