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Zahra Williamson with 3D Xplosive

Zahra Williamson with 3D Xplosive

Are you ready for the summer? Actually, the real question is are you ready for a summer beach body? As the summer approaches, we are more inclined to want to go to the beach and be out in the sun. Of course you want to have that awesome beach body to flaunt around and show off. The best way to get fast results is to be consistent. As a certified person trainer, I would like to share some great tips to get you beach body ready. Here are a few ideas you can use to get started:

Healthy Eating
Eat a healthy and balance meal. Eat six meals a day, which includes three main meals and three small snacks. Stay away from foods that that will create inflammation and puffiness in your body. Example of foods to stay away from: saturated fats, breads, fruity drinks, and processed foods.

Weight Lifting and Cardio
Include a balance of weights and cardio in your workout routine. Lifting weights significantly speeds up your metabolism. If you can, lift weights three times a week and do cardio at least four times a week.

Yoga and Meditation
Check out yoga options in your area. Yoga will help with your core and flexibility. Also, working on your meditation will help work on a healthy mind and a balanced attitude.

Sports and Recreation
Stay active and participate in a sport that you are interested in. For example: softball, football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. There are many community recreation leagues in the Washington, D.C. area.


Zahra Williams is the CEO and Founder of 3D Xplosive Performance. She specializes in personal training and fitness.