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Pets: Tips to Ensure Your Dog Has a Healthy Halloween

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The fall is here, which means that Halloween is just around the bend. Halloween is a great holiday for your entire family to enjoy together. Even your pet dog can get in the spirit of the holiday by participating in fun family actvities. However, despite how fun Halloween can be for your pup, the holiday also poses its own fair share of risks. If you want to ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy during the holiday this season, keep in mind the important tips below.

Mind Your Candy
You don’t only want to keep your kids or your partner from eating any Halloween candy you collect (or that you buy to give out). You also want to keep it away from your dog. Make sure you store candy somewhere that is out of reach, like a high cabinet that closes. Candy like chocolate can be lethal for dogs, and other sweets can give him a stomach ache. Avoid health problems by being careful with your stash.

Don’t Dress Him Up
It’s very cute to see dogs in costumes. In reality, however, putting a dog in a Halloween costume can be very uncomfortable for the dog and even cause panic. If you know your dog doesn’t mind wearing a certain shirt or coat, then consider putting him in something similar for the holiday. However, avoid putting new things on his head or his neck, because this could simply end up causing him distress or discomfort. If your dog experiences discomfort to his face or eyes, consult your vet, and he may be able to prescribe a medication to help, like terramycin ophthalmic ointment for ocular infections.

Distract Him or Take Him Out During Trick or Treating Hours
If your dog doesn’t do well with doorbells or visitors to your home, then consider distracting him during the hours that people will be coming by for trick-or-treating. You can keep him in the backyard and play with him, or stay with him in an interior bedroom to keep him calm. If even hiding at home is too much stress for your pooch, take him somewhere that won’t get trick or treaters, like a park or on a drive in your car.

Make Your Own Halloween Dog Treats
Don’t give in to giving your dog human sweets on Halloween. However, you don’t have to deprive him. Consider giving your pet new treats for the holiday, like skeleton bones or dog-friendly candy corn. Check out some great dog-friendly Halloween-themed treats here.

Be Careful with the Jack-O-Lanterns!
You should definitely decorate your yard with Halloween decor like jack-o-lanterns. However, you should be care about where you put them with your dog around, especially if you are going to light a candle inside them. If you want to keep everyone as safe as possible, consider putting your jack-o-lanterns in a part of your yard your dog does not have access to. Alternatively, bring them out Halloween night when your pup is already inside, so that he won’t hurt himself (or eat them) and so that everyone can admire their festive beauty.

Halloween can be great fun for your pup. But, it can also be stressful with lots of sights, sounds, and crowds, and there are several risks that dogs face thanks to the nature of the holiday. However, if you go into the Halloween season understanding the risks that your dog faces, and prepare for them properly, you can ensure that the occasion is stress-free and totally enjoyable for all.

These are all things that need to be checked out by the vet. One thing to keep in mind—with early diagnosis, there’s a great possibility your fur baby will heal and be back to normal in a shorter time. So, if you’re concerned with your pet’s safety and health, you may also want to consider getting a pet insurance like Bivvy as soon as possible before any health issues develop. This is because illnesses and other medical conditions that last for a long time are more difficult to treat.

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