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May 30, 2017
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Here’s How & Why Bingo Became Cool Again

Bingo sign

"bingo!" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by vcheregati

The Beginnings Of Online Bingo
Pinpointing the beginnings of online bingo is quite tricky. However, it is estimated that the first bingo site appeared on the Internet back in 1996. In the beginning, fans of the original game doubted bingo’s ability to transition onto the newly developed World Wide Web, but as sites became more sophisticated and began adding online chat functions to match real-life bingo settings, reservations soon disappeared. Over time, particular sites and brands began to foster online communities made up of loyal players, and before long the online bingo customer base was made up of millions worldwide, it truly is a new community based solely around bingo! Discover more with Barbados Bingo Games today!

By 2006, online bingo sites around the world were generating around $500 million and in 2016 the number had grown to a massive $41 billion according to Statista. These days, many brands that had previously focused on other areas of the online casino sector have started to create companion bingo websites and communities due to the industry’s incredible success. Meanwhile, other forward-thinking sites have combined popular casino games like slots with bingo. For instance, there’s William Hill Bingo slots where customers will find a variety of bingo games in addition to slots such as Tiki Paradise, Pink Panther and Cleopatra’s Chest.

Needless to say, online bingo is incredibly popular, but it is the player demographics that can truly show us why online bingo is now regarded as “cool.”

Bingo Is Claimed By The Young
Though there are few online bingo demographics based on US citizens available right now, there is a clear similarity amongst other countries’ stats. That is, online bingo is a game for the tech-savvy, gaming-obsessed youth. According to Which Bingo’s 2017 report, 46.5% of online bingo players in the UK are below the age of 45, while just 6.4% of players are over the age of 65. Another reason for this could be down to the innovative ideas from UK bingo companies, who are designing joke bingo card games to accompany hugely popular TV shows, bringing in an even younger audience. Similar trends can be seen around the world, and really it’s not all that surprising that online bingo is being adopted by the younger generations who have spent most of their lives growing up alongside the Internet and the iGaming industry.

Bingo Nightlife

Back in 2012, LA Weekly reviewed a new club night known as Underground Rebel Bingo, hosted by a “soft spoken Brit” named Freddie Fortune. Unlike traditional bingo, which used to take place in bingo halls filled with grandmothers, Underground Rebel Bingo was loud, rude and edgy. Between bingo calls, music blurred out and visitors danced on the tables while drinking their favourite spirits.

Despite being somewhat odd, the night began to grow in popularity and before long Rebel Bingo were hosting games in other parts of the US. Soon, universities began hosting their own bingo nights and students no longer saw bingo as a grandmother’s game. Though they had previously only ever played online, the youth that had adopted bingo were now able to join other fans of the game to have fun and get a little rambunctious. That is how bingo truly became cool again.