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Signs That Your Partner Is Not Being Faithful

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If you are suspecting that your partner is cheating on you, most likely, this is not just a feeling. It could be true they are cheating on you. Usually, when one partner is involved in something fishy, there is a sudden change in their behavior. Here is what to look for in a cheating partner.

Secretive Use of Phone or Computer

Initially, they did not have any problem with you accessing or using their phones or computer. Additionally, they tend to spend much of their time on their gadgets. Something they did not do before.

They are not letting you touch or use the computer or phone. Are they going to the bathroom with the phone? Or, they would rather switch it off while in the bathroom?

Also, they have put the passwords to the phone or computer that initially did not have. The secretive behavior is an indicator that something fishy is going on.

Additionally, if they are clearing the browser history and text messages, something is going on that they do not want you to see. If you want to discreetly read the texts they are sending and receiving on their phones, use the text spy app.

Longer Hours at Work                                                                

If your partner has suddenly started working late in the office, it is something to worry about. If there is work demand that is keeping them at the office late, they should explain it clearly. However, if there isn’t enough explanation or they are becoming vague or overly defensive explaining it to you, there is a possibility that they are cheating.

Sensitive to Physical Appearance

If out of the blue, your partner is starting to get conscious about their looks, it is an indicator they are trying to impress someone else who is not you. They are starting to put on more makeup, getting sensitive about their dress code; they start exercising and eating healthy. Try to find out why there is a sudden change in how they look.

Less Intimacy in Your Relationship

Another grand sign of a cheating partner is a loss of interest in you. They are no longer craving for your affection or attention. If there is a decrease in sexual activities in your relationship, your partner might be having it from someone else. You are spending less time together. Or, when you are together, your partner is constantly absent-minded.

Change in Sex

When your partner is cheating, your sex lives are likely to change for better or for worse. If your partner is cheating, your sex life becomes better. The amount of sex you have suddenly increased as a way of making it up to you for cheating. Also, they start introducing new sex activities and techniques that you did not know about. Do not be fooled, who is teaching them?

If your sex lives are deteriorating, it is because your partner is having it with someone else. It happens when your cheating partner starts to disconnect emotionally from you.

They are Unreachable

A cheating partner is conscious about getting caught. They will keep their phones off to avoid disturbances or increasing the chances of getting caught. You have tried reaching them at certain time in a day, but they are unreachable. Why else is their phone off during particular times of the day? It could be because they are spending time with the new partner.

Hostility Towards You

Your partner is probably cheating when they start getting hostile towards you. If you confront them about something, they start to project their behavior on you. They start blaming you for the problems in your relationship.

There are more signs that show your partner is cheating on you. Take note of even the slightest changes in your relationship. It could be your partner has lost interest in you.








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