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Episode six of The L Word: Generation Q was more than I could handle, even after watching it twice in one day. With the surprise return of an original cast member, a beautiful throughline about chosen family, and an adorable declaration of love, my emotions were all over the place, and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

This week’s episode, “Loose Ends,” picks up right where things left off last week, with the fallout of Bette’s assault on Felicity’s husband. As true friends do, Alice and Shane crawl through a crowd of reporters outside of Bette’s house to comfort her. But Alice is furious with Bette, as she defended Bette on her show and Bette lied about it being over between her and Felicity. Alice leaves in a huff, the doorbell rings, and who is there but Bette’s ex-wife, Tina Kennard.

I was extremely shocked to see Laurel Holloman reprise her role as Tina, even though Bette has talked to her on the phone in previous episodes, and the press leading up to the return of The L Word only mentioned Bette, Alice, and Shane as returning characters. And Holloman’s appearance during this episode wasn’t just a small moment; she appeared in several scenes, shedding light on many unanswered questions about Bette and Tina’s relationship.

First, we find out that Tina and Bette got divorced last year after Bette’s sister Kit died from a heroin overdose. During this episode, Bette chastises Tina for not coming to Kit’s funeral, and Tina tries to defend her actions by saying she needed space. Tina tells Bette she is happy that Bette created space for Angie, because during their marriage, she never really knew who she was. In a later scene, Tina poignantly explains to Angie that she left because she felt like half a person with Bette and she wanted Angie to have “two whole parents, not one and a half.”

This storyline is one of many that demonstrates the importance of a chosen family, as Bette discusses in a speech reaffirming her commitment to running for mayor. In this episode, Shane declares her love for Quiara and agrees to be her partner, even though Quiara is pregnant. Alice, Gigi, and Nat have difficulties navigating life as a throuple; Nat worries about how to tell her kids, only to come home to drawings from the children that show they see all of them as a family. Finley and Sophie talk about their problems with love and relationships; while Finley reveals her fears that she is “too damaged to be with somebody,” Sophie complains about Dani being closed off. By the end of the episode, Sophie drunkenly tells Finley she loves her, and the importance of a chosen family really shines through.

The cutest part of the episode was definitely Angie asking Shane what love feels like and then stumbling through an awkward declaration of love to her friend Jordi. But before I could revel in the uncomplicated harmony of two people in love, Bette asks Tina to stay, and I start to question whether I should support them as a couple.


Becca’s Rankings

Sexiest Scene: Sexy isn’t the right word, but how cute was Jordi and Angie’s first kiss.

Most OMG-Moment: Tina Kennard returns!

Funniest Moment: Finley hasn’t slept with friends before; she only sleeps with “strangers and priests.”

How We Know We’re in 2020: “Closer” by Tegan and Sara comes on, and drunk Sophie gets almost as excited as I did.

Who will sleep together next? Bette and Dani? Bette and Tina? I honestly have no idea.




Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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