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The Best Places to Drink A Glass of Wine in Pride Parades

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Throughout the month of June, we celebrate the members of the LGBTQ community by grabbing a rainbow flag and whatnot. Pride parades, festivals, or marches began in 1970, deemed the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, as four independent protests in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City.

If you visit these cities to celebrate the pride month this year, then you have to know the best places to have a glass of wine. Below are some of the best places to consider. Take a read!

San Francisco

The San Francisco pride march, scheduled for June 27-28, 2020, includes at least 300 exhibitors, gourmet food, and music. The SF Pride Parade and Celebration is among the biggest LGBTQ gatherings or events in the world. Generations of Strength is this year’s theme. The parade runs along Market Street to the Civic Center.

The following are the best places to drink wine during the pride parade:

The Barrel Room

This warm, cozy place, down toward the Embarcadero, on Sansome Street, takes an international view that ranges from the wine to food. The list of wine bottles includes almost all European countries, like France. Even so, it sometimes features or highlights a particular bottle, take the 2008 Screaming Eagle, for instance.

Press Club

Press Club, which is a half-block away from Market Street, offers an elegant and sophisticated breather from the chaotic city streets. The wine list shows or illustrates support for California sports and wine producers.

The lengthy wine selection includes by-the-glass options, which is ideal for a quick sip. If you decide to spend more time in this place, you’ll surely discover captivating Old World gems.


At this cafe, you can take a seat outside and enjoy a glass of wine on a summer day. The wine list is tightly edited. Thus, you can choose by-the-glass options easily. If you are searching for a fresh, bright, and light red wine, you have a few options. Full and rich? Rustic and dry?

Moreover, there are several options under these categories, as well. Simplicity and casualness rules here.

Blanc et Rouge

Blanc et Rouge is a wine shop and bar. It’s a perfect place for immediate fortification or picking up a bottle of wine for later. If you choose to drink wine here, we recommend a glass of Sangiovese.

Also, it’s best paired with an arugula-covered bread and a platter of charcuterie. Italy, Spain, France, and California dominate the wine list.


The Chicago Pride March will be on June 29 to 30, a 2-day parade that summarizes a whole month’s worth of festivities. At least 100,000 people are expected to join the LGBTQ parade, which will happen from Broadway and Montrose.

If you are ready to party, the following are the best places to drink wine:

404 Wine Bar

This wine bar offers a multitude of weekday specials, from half-priced glasses and bottles to flights. Flatbreads, charcuterie, and cheese provide something to munch on while sipping a glass of wine.

Figo Wine Bar

This wine bar offers Italian wine and food. Figo Wine Bar is located beyond Boystown. Steaming bowls of meatballs, plates of pasta, and fried calamari are unlimited.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Pride Festival will start on June 12 and ends on June 14. The LGBTQ march runs along the West Hollywood to Santa Monica Boulevard. The following are the best places to break for a glass of wine:

Severance Wine Bar

The specialties of this wine bar are dessert fondue, cheese, and champagne punch. Even so, you can look forward to a wine list with some global, esoteric picks. Take wine bottles like German Pinot Noir, for instance. For a quick sip, Champagne Jacquart is the best option.

Night + Market WeHo

After the parade, you can enjoy Thai food and order a bottle of wine in the Night + Market WeHo. The owners of this place describe themselves as wine enthusiasts. And it is apparent on their wine lists that span from deep reds to whites.

New York City

The NYC Pride Festival will be on June 28, 2020, which runs along the 4th Avenue between Astor Place and Union Square. Below are some of the best places to enjoy a glass of wine after a long day in the sun:


For a decade, Anfora is one of the best wine bars in the West Village. The bar attracts people with its dimly lit interior and thoughtful wine list. Selections range from distinct styles and grapes.


This wine bar offers Spanish wines alongside classic tapas. We recommend a glass of Manzanilla Sherry with Pan Con Tomate.


Undoubtedly, there’s much anticipation for the upcoming Pride Month this June. LGBTQ members or not, Pride Festivals, are something to look forward to. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, or New York City, be sure to visit some wine bars to aid you after a long day.



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